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Obtaining an International Driver License in Canada

Are you planning an exciting international trip and want the freedom to explore your destination by car?

Whether it’s a road trip through the scenic routes of Europe, navigating the bustling streets of Tokyo, or discovering the hidden gems of Australia, having an International Driver License Canada (IDL) can be a game-changer. For Canadians, obtaining an IDL is a straightforward process, and with the help of IDLP, it becomes even more convenient. In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about getting an International Driver License in Canada.

What is an International Driver License?

An International Driver License (IDL), also known as an International Driving Permit (IDP), is a document that allows you to drive a vehicle in foreign countries without the need to take additional tests or apply for a local license. It serves as an official translation of your Canadian driver’s license into multiple languages, making it easier for foreign authorities to verify your credentials.

Why Do You Need an International Driver License?

  1. Legal Requirement: In many countries, carrying an IDL is mandatory for foreign drivers. Without it, you could face legal issues, fines, or even be prohibited from driving.
  2. Convenience: An IDL provides translations of your driver’s license into ten languages, which can be helpful in overcoming language barriers when dealing with authorities or rental agencies.
  3. Peace of Mind: Having an IDL ensures you are legally protected and recognized as a licensed driver abroad, reducing the stress of potential legal complications.

Why Choose IDLP for Your International Driver License?

IDLP, short for International Driver License Program, is a trusted provider of IDLs in Canada. Here’s why you should choose IDLP:

  1. Reliability: IDLP is known for its fast and efficient service, ensuring you receive your IDL in a timely manner.
  2. Accessibility: The application process with IDLP is simple and can be completed online, saving you the hassle of visiting physical offices.
  3. Customer Support: IDLP offers excellent customer service to guide you through the application process and address any concerns you may have.
  4. Affordable Rates: IDLP provides competitive pricing, making it accessible for all Canadian drivers.

How to Apply for an International Driver License with IDLP

Applying for an IDL with IDLP is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Check Eligibility: Ensure you have a valid Canadian driver’s license. Your IDL will be valid only as long as your Canadian license is.
  2. Gather Required Documents:
    • A valid Canadian driver’s license
    • Two passport-sized photos
    • A completed application form (available on the IDLP website)
  3. Complete the Application Form: Visit the IDLP website and fill out the online application form. Ensure all information is accurate and matches your Canadian driver’s license.
  4. Upload Documents: Scan and upload the required documents, including your passport-sized photos and a copy of your Canadian driver’s license.
  5. Make Payment: IDLP offers various payment methods, including credit card and PayPal. After selecting your preferred method of payment, finish the transaction.
  6. Receive Your IDL: Once your application is processed, IDLP will mail your International Driver License to your provided address. The delivery time may vary, so apply well in advance of your travel date.

Tips for Using Your International Driver License Abroad

  1. Carry Both Licenses: Always carry your Canadian driver’s license along with your IDL. The IDL is not a standalone document and must be accompanied by your original license.
  2. Understand Local Laws: Familiarize yourself with the driving laws and regulations of the country you are visiting. Some countries may have unique rules that differ from Canadian driving practices.
  3. Insurance Coverage: Ensure you have adequate car insurance that covers international driving. For specifics, speak with your insurance company.
  4. Stay Updated: Keep your IDL up-to-date. It is valid for one year or until your Canadian driver’s license expires, whichever comes first.


Obtaining an International Driver License is a crucial step for Canadians planning to drive abroad. With the help of IDLP, the process is simple, efficient, and affordable. Whether you’re embarking on a cross-country adventure or a short business trip, having an IDL ensures you can drive legally and confidently in your destination country. Don’t leave home without it—apply for your International Driver License with IDLP today and enjoy the freedom to explore the world on your terms.


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