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NEXT Online Coaching

We are delighted to present the distinctive and efficient MOKSH Academy NEXT Online Coaching module.
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NEXT Online Coaching refers to the online coaching program provided by MOKSH Academy.

The MOKSH Academy NEXT Coaching is conducted online primarily due to the demanding schedule of MBBS students. Given their tight schedules, being physically present at a coaching center is not a viable option. This challenge is not limited to International Medical Graduates (IMGs); even students studying in Indian Medical Colleges find it impractical. Hence, the MOKSH Academy NEXT Coaching is offered in an online format.

More importantly, through Online Training, you can anticipate receiving guidance from top-notch teachers in the field. Naturally, a highly skilled teacher may not always be available at your college, but through online platforms, they can reach and assist you.

Additionally, it’s crucial to recognize that MBBS and NEXT require distinct approaches. The latter demands a focus on problem types that differ from those encountered in the former.

Moreover, certain areas, which may not carry significant importance in MBBS studies, become pivotal for achieving high scores in the NEXT. We have meticulously selected numerous such areas to your advantage.

We confidently assert that MOKSH Academy NEXT Online Coaching is an ideal choice for you, irrespective of whether you are pursuing your MBBS in India or abroad. The NEXT Coaching Module is intricately designed to align with the Indian curriculum, ensuring that foreign medical graduates are thoroughly prepared to excel in the NEXT.

MOKSH Academy’s Key Features

Selecting MOKSH Academy NEXT Online Coaching is imperative for a multitude of reasons.

Our module is the outcome of extensive research on NEXT Exam details conducted by experts. Additionally, scholars are employed full-time to continuously edit, upgrade, and modify the content.

What sets our module apart is the extensive practice it provides to subscribers. With access to over 20,000 questions, each accompanied by detailed explanations, every question becomes a valuable learning experience.

Why Choose MOKSH Academy?

In summary:

  1. Our NEXT Exam preparation course starts at an affordable price of 2,100 INR per subject per year.
  2. While numerous tutorial videos for MCI Screening preparation exist in the market, our focus is unique. We emphasize not just what to study but also how to study for it, addressing a common gap in medical students’ preparation.
  3. A team of highly qualified medical scholars is available to explain answers to every query you may have.
  4. The question bank of 30,000 questions undergoes constant updates, with fresh questions added almost daily.
  5. We have successfully condensed the vast MBBS curriculum into comprehensible topics and sub-topics, making it more manageable for students.
  6. In contrast to multiple resources that can confuse students, MOKSH ACADEMY provides conceptual clarity and mastery over MCQ solving methodology in a simple and lucid manner.

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