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MOKSH Academy's NEXT Online Coaching guarantees the success of MBBS students in India in securing admission to Medical PG programs.
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MOKSH Academy’s NEXT Online Coaching guarantees MBBS students in India success in securing admission to Medical PG programs. Our classes are designed to ensure that both Indians and International Medical Graduates (IMGs) obtain the license to practice medicine in India.

In the case of IMGs, the passing ratio for the MCI Screening Test (FMGE) has been unsatisfactory, with over 10,000 doctors failing the exam. This is often attributed to a tendency among MBBS abroad students to underestimate its importance and delay preparation until after completing their MBBS. Our module addresses this issue, enabling students to perform well in both MBBS internal and external exams, in addition to preparing for the NEXT Exam.

Furthermore, we have taken measures to make the MOKSH Academy NEXT Online Coaching Fee affordable for all.

Why choose MOKSH Academy?

In summary:

  1. Our NEXT Exam prep course starts at an affordable price of 2,100 INR per subject per year.
  2. While there are numerous tutorial videos available for MCI Screening preparation in the market, none specifically focus on effective study strategies for it, leaving many medical students unaware of how to prepare.
  3. You have access to a team of highly qualified medical scholars who are ready to explain answers to any queries you may have.
  4. Our question bank of 30,000 questions undergoes constant updates, with fresh questions added almost daily.
  5. We have successfully condensed the extensive MBBS curriculum into comprehensible topics and sub-topics.
  6. MOKSH ACADEMY simplifies and brings conceptual clarity, offering mastery over MCQ solving methodology in a straightforward manner, avoiding the confusion caused by multiple resources.
  7. Regardless of the country or university where you choose to study medicine, having the support of MOKSH Academy NEXT Online Coaching ensures your confidence and success.

For the latest updates on the NEXT Exam, be sure to regularly visit our website and keep track of the NEXT Exam Official Website.

MOKSH Academy’s Secret Weapons

There are numerous compelling reasons that make opting for MOKSH Academy NEXT Online Coaching an absolute imperative.

Our module is the outcome of meticulous research on NEXT Exam details by experts, and we employ scholars full-time to continuously edit, upgrade, and modify the content.

What sets our module apart is the extensive practice it offers to subscribers. With access to over 20,000 questions, each accompanied by detailed explanations, every question becomes a distinct learning experience.

Contrary to being an indiscriminate collection of questions, our module is carefully catalogued, allowing easy reference to specific questions. We have organized the questions based on topics explicitly mentioned in the NEXT Exam syllabus.

Similar to our other training modules, the NEXT Exam Module prioritizes personal interaction. Subscribers can clarify their queries by reaching out to our experts through WhatsApp or our NEXT Exam App.

You benefit from the MOKSH Academy Performance Tracker, a unique program that monitors your progress and tracks your learning curve.

Additionally, our remarkable AI program, the MOKSH Academy Improvisation Module, identifies areas needing improvement and provides feedback. In essence, it precisely informs you which areas require more focus.

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