Medical University of Gdansk

The Medical University of Gdansk holds a world ranking of 4487th, with a country ranking of 57th in Poland (subject to variations over time).

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About Gdansk in Poland

Location of Medical University of Gdansk
Gdansk is renowned as Poland’s most significant cultural hub, boasting a plethora of tourist attractions. The city is adorned with numerous landmarks, including the Highland Gate, Golden Gate, Baltic Opera, Shakespearean Theatre, National Museum, and an array of historical monuments, sculptures, churches, as well as scientific and regional centers.

The temperature in Gdansk typically drops below -15 ºC during winters, while summers are characterized by pleasant, warm, and sunny weather. Summer begins in June, while spring arrives in March. The city experiences heavy rainfall transitioning into cold and foggy winters.

The city’s economy thrives on industries such as chemicals, food processing, petrochemicals, shipbuilding, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and more.

Medical University of Gdansk, Poland
Established in 1945, the Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University of Gdansk offers a unique curriculum that blends modern medical training with time-tested practices from natural sciences and traditional medicine.

Since 2019, the university has held the official status of a research university. With approximately 6000 students, it boasts four faculties: Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Biotechnology, and Faculty of Medicine.

Learning at the Medical University of Gdansk is enriched by its newly established research clinics and institutes, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.

Life on the university campus is vibrant, with numerous cultural and sports activities available. Wi-Fi-enabled dormitories are conveniently located near academic buildings.

The campus comprises four hostel blocks, each accommodating up to one thousand students. On-site amenities include a grocery shop, photocopy shop, and canteen offering affordable meals.

The Medical University of Gdansk enjoys high regard within the local community and the medical fraternity due to its socially beneficial initiatives. Its reputation attracts students from around the world, including Canada, the UK, Iraq, Spain, Saudi Arabia, India, Sweden, and Germany.

The university’s popularity is well-deserved, given its expertise in medical treatments such as radiotherapy, invasive cardiology, organ surgery, and transplants for heart, bone marrow, and kidney. Additionally, electrocardiology services are rare in other clinics and hospitals in Northern Poland.

The Medical University of Gdansk holds a world ranking of 4487th, with a country ranking of 57th in Poland (subject to variations over time). Students with a budget exceeding 60 Lacs can comfortably pursue medical programs at the university.

Advantages of studying at the Medical University of Gdansk, Poland
The Medical University of Gdansk offers an excellent educational experience, with its programs recognized across Europe and by international bodies such as the WHO and MCI.

While medical education in Poland may be costly, the affordable cost of living is a notable advantage.

The university’s top-notch infrastructure and high-quality education system contribute to its popularity.

Medical programs at the university are taught in English and are modeled after the standards followed in the United States.

Affiliations and Programs
The Medical University of Gdansk collaborates with 50 scientific centers and universities worldwide.

It offers English-taught Bachelor’s, Master’s, Pre-medical, and Doctoral degrees in fields such as Medicine, Pharmacy, and Nursing.


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