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MBBS in Serbia 2024

Serbia has submitted its application for EU membership, and it is highly likely that the nation will become a member of the EU by 2025.
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About Serbia

Opting for MBBS in Serbia proves to be a favorable choice for Indian students.

Situated in south-eastern Europe, Serbia is swiftly advancing as a notable destination for Indian students seeking to pursue MBBS abroad. The country has applied for EU membership, with strong indications that it will become a member by 2025.

In recent times, the Serbian government has significantly prioritized the enhancement of its educational infrastructure. With the challenges posed by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, making it impractical for international students to pursue MBBS in Ukraine, several European countries have gained prominence. Serbia unquestionably stands out as one of these noteworthy alternatives.

MBBS in Serbia for International Students As noted, Serbia has submitted an application for EU membership, with a focus on enhancing its academic infrastructure, as foreign students play a significant role in contributing to the Serbian economy.

Regarding MBBS

In Serbia, similar to the rest of Europe, it is recognized as an MD. Therefore, individuals holding an MD from a Serbian Medical University listed in the table in the following section (WDOMS list) are eligible to participate in the NEXT exam to practice medicine in India.

Alternatively, these individuals have the option to take the USMLE and pursue a Medical Postgraduate (PG) program in the United States.

MBBS Eligibility in Serbia
The essential eligibility criteria for securing admission to a Serbian medical university are fundamental and uniform, as outlined in the summarized table below:
  • Age: 17 – 25 years
  • Class XII: Minimum 60% in Physics, Chemistry, Biology (PCB) with English
  • NEET Qualification: Mandatory
  • Entrance Exam: Not Applicable (NA) – Compulsory

Why Opt for MBBS in Serbia?

  • Serbia is on track to becoming an EU member nation by 2025, and enrolling in a Serbian university offers the advantage of accessing diverse EU career opportunities upon completion of your MD degree.
  • At the specified university, the MD program is conducted in the English language, ensuring a language-friendly learning environment.
  • Serbia’s educational infrastructure is rapidly advancing, providing students with a well-rounded academic experience.
  • Upon completing your MD in Serbia, you become eligible to take the NEXT exam, enabling you to practice in India. You are also eligible for a medical PG in India.
  • Furthermore, having earned your Serbian MD, you qualify to appear in international exams such as USMLE, PLAB, etc.
  • Serbia, as a nation, is known for its safety and security, providing a conducive environment for all.





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