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MBBS in Poland 2024

Obtaining a medical degree from a Polish university guarantees its acknowledgment and recognition on a global scale.
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Poland is emerging as a favored destination for international students, owing to its top-notch education system, reasonable tuition fees, and lively student atmosphere. Jagiellonian University in Krakow, established in 1364, stands as one of Europe’s oldest universities. Acquiring a medical degree from a Polish university ensures global recognition, whether in the UK, Europe, or the United States. Whether you aspire to study medicine in Poland or pursue MBBS in Europe, opting for MBBS in Poland promises a rewarding experience.

Warsaw, the capital and largest city of Poland, serves as a modern and dynamic hub with numerous universities offering diverse courses. Positioned in Central Europe, Poland shares borders with the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belarus, Germany, Lithuania, and Russia. Notable cities housing universities in Poland include Krakow, Poznan, Lodz, and Wroclaw.

MBBS in Poland for Indian Students

  • Poland stands as a nation rich in history, vibrant culture, and a warm populace. The country boasts over 400 higher education medical institutions, including universities, colleges, and technical schools. Having joined the European Union in 2004 and the Schengen Area in 2007, Poland’s EU membership allows students the opportunity to work anywhere in EU countries after completing their MBBS in Poland (referred to as MD at the bachelor level).
  • In 2013, Poland’s Ministry of Education unveiled an official list of approved MBBS colleges, leading to a surge in the popularity of medical education. The country offers high-quality education at affordable tuition fees and living costs, making it an attractive European destination for foreign students. Poland proudly hosts over 57,000 international students annually.
  • The MBBS program in Poland spans a duration of 6 years, divided into two phases: a 3-year pre-clinical phase and a 3-year clinical phase. The curriculum adheres to stringent Polish and European teaching standards, facilitated by the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), which streamlines the process of transferring credits between medical institutions.

Why Choose to Study Medicine (MBBS) in Poland?

Poland, a modern and dynamic member of the European Union, ranks as the twenty-first highest-income economy globally. Here are several advantages to consider when contemplating the pursuit of medical studies in Poland:

  1. English-Taught Program: Students have the option to enroll in the 6-Year Medicine Program, which is conducted entirely in English.
  2. Highly Ranked Universities: Poland is home to numerous prestigious higher education institutions, with almost twenty featuring in the top 1,000 worldwide.
  3. Global Recognition: Graduates can pursue Postgraduate (PG) studies in various countries globally, including the United Kingdom (UK), the United States (USA), Canada, Australia, Gulf countries, and India.
  4. Diverse International Student Community: Poland, known for its safety and stability, rich culture, and traditions, provides an excellent environment for experiencing student life.
  5. Rich History of Medical Education: Polish medical universities boast a longstanding history of delivering outstanding medical education, with some institutions tracing their origins back over 200 years.
  6. Opportunity to Settle in Europe: As a member of the European Union, Poland offers the chance to settle in any of the 26 countries within the European Union (EU).
  7. Eligibility for NEXT/FMGE Exam: Medical education in Poland aligns with the new NMC guidelines, allowing students to appear for the NEXT/FMGE exam upon completion of their MBBS in Poland.
  8. ECTS System: Polish universities follow the ECTS credit system (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System), enabling students to transfer seamlessly between universities without incurring any academic loss.

Admission Procedure for Pursuing MBBS in Poland

The admission procedure for studying MBBS in Poland is uncomplicated, with Indian students benefiting from a straightforward online application system.

The process for securing admission to the MBBS program in Poland is streamlined and easy to navigate. The essential requirements for obtaining student visas in Poland encompass the following:

  1. 12th-level Passing Certificate.
  2. Transcripts/mark sheet for 10th and 12th levels.
  3. Passport copy.
  4. Digital photograph.
  5. Application fees.

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