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MBBS in Malaysia 2024

Malaysia has a significant history in medical education, marked by the establishment of Singapore as the first medical school
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Medical Education in Malaysia

Malaysia has a rich history in medical education, with the inception of Singapore as the first medical school serving the region in 1905. Following Malaysia’s independence, the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Malaya was established in Kuala Lumpur in 1963. Currently, there are 32 public and private medical schools in Malaysia, all offering a 5-year undergraduate program. Some private institutions have expanded globally through twinning or credit-transfer programs.

All medical schools in Malaysia are required to obtain accreditation from the National Accreditation Board and the Malaysian Medical Council. The cost of MBBS in Malaysia is comparable to that of Indian medical colleges, ranging from 55

Why Opt for MBBS Studies in Malaysia?

Top QS Ranking Universities: Several Malaysian universities rank among the top 500 according to the QS World Universities Ranking.

Global Recognition: The MBBS degree in Malaysia holds recognition from the Medical Council of Malaysia and is accepted in various countries, including the Middle East, US, UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, offering diverse global career opportunities for medical aspirants.

Credit Transfer Opportunities: Certain Malaysian universities permit credit transfers to universities in the US, UK, Australia, and Ireland during the third year of medical education, allowing students to seamlessly continue their MBBS course in those countries. Additionally, some countries acknowledge medical licenses obtained from these Malaysian universities.

Streamlined Admission Process: Admission to MBBS programs in Malaysian universities is uncomplicated, often without the need for entrance exams or additional language tests, with only a few exceptions.

Safety and Security: Malaysia is acknowledged as a safe country for international students, with a strong commitment to ensuring their safety and security.

English Medium of Instruction: The language of instruction for MBBS in Malaysia is English, eliminating the necessity to learn any local language as part of the medical curriculum.

Medical Education for International Students in Malaysia

Malaysia stands as an excellent choice for international students pursuing medical studies. Obtaining a medical degree from a Malaysian medical university holds validity across various parameters. It’s crucial to note that as long as Malaysian medical universities do not offer a mandatory 1-year internship training, MBBS students in Malaysia will be ineligible to attempt NEXT and, subsequently, practice in India.

Is the MBBS degree from Mauritius recognized by the NMC?

With the NMC gazette notification dated November 18, 2021, Indian students looking to pursue MBBS in Mauritius are keen to ascertain the recognition of the Mauritian MBBS degree by the National Medical Commission (NMC). As per NMC guidelines, the MBBS program should have a duration exceeding 4.5 years, encompassing an extra year dedicated to clinical rotation or internship within the same college. However, a significant challenge linked to MBBS in Mauritius is the limited availability of internship opportunities for international students.

Duration of MBBS in Malaysia

What is the timeline to become a doctor in Malaysia? As previously stated, the MBBS duration in Malaysia spans 5 years, and there is no provision for completing the internship. The NMC stipulates that MBBS students studying abroad should undergo a minimum of 5.5 years of training, including a year of internship.

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