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MBBS in Albania

Situated in southern Europe, Albania is a nation that shares its borders with Greece and is surrounded by bodies of water, adjacent to Italy.
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Education System in Albania

Albania’s formal education system typically extends until the age of 18. Those aspiring to pursue professional degrees in fields like medicine, engineering, or business have the option to enroll in educational institutions within Albania.

Advantages of Pursuing MBBS in Albania
  1. European Standards: All universities in Albania adhere to European educational standards, ensuring a high-quality academic experience for students.
  2. English-Taught Programs: Western Balkan University in Albania offers medical programs in English, providing a language of instruction familiar to students, similar to the educational context in India.
  3. Clinical Exposure: Students have the unique opportunity to engage in practical clinical work in hospitals as early as their second year of study. This hands-on experience involves interacting with patients and gaining comprehensive knowledge over the course of five years.
  4. NMC Acceptance: The MBBS degree obtained from an Albanian Medical School in English is recognized by the National Medical Council (NMC). This recognition facilitates the eligibility of students to undertake the NEXT exam upon completing their studies in Albania.
  5. Paid Internship in Hospitals: Starting from the second year, students can actively participate in hospital internships, receiving a stipend for their services. Those affiliated with the Medical University may earn between $3,000 and $5,000 annually, providing valuable practical experience along with financial support.

Tuition Fees for the Medicine Program in Albania

The tuition fee structure for the Medicine Program in Albania comprises two distinct components.

  1. Self-Financing: Students participating in this program are required to pay the complete tuition fee directly to the university. All three universities allocate seats under the self-finance scheme.
  2. Scholarship-Based: In contrast to Western Balkan University, the remaining two universities limit their scholarship programs exclusively to European students, in accordance with the terms outlined in the European Education Agreement.

For international students pursuing the Doctor of Medicine (MD) program in Albania, the approximate annual tuition fee is 8,000 USD.

Expense of Indian Cuisine in Albania

When deciding on attending a medical university in Albania, it’s crucial to factor in the accessibility of Indian food. Due to the limited presence of Indian students in Albanian universities, dedicated Indian mess facilities are not available. Students desiring Indian cuisine may have to prepare their own meals, incurring an estimated cost of around 100–120 USD per month.

While Indian restaurants are not abundant in Albania, those in existence may charge approximately 800-1000 INR for a dinner serving two people. While these establishments are suitable for occasional dining, they remain a relatively pricier option.

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