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Resource Planning for Russia for material resources because of its efficiency and suitability to the seasonal demand in the Russian market.
Resource planning for Russia

As discussed previously, resource planning for Russia takes the idea of a material resource planning approach due to its efficiency and applicability to the Russian seasonal market demand. Planning is an important process in the logistics and supply chain segments of the business. Computerized planning to accommodate the changes in demand based on time, location, weather, and market specifics is a critical skill for CAT in Russia. Thus, I current to write my discussion post on the role of planning in the supply chain.

The supply chain within the Russian market needs careful attention due to the large size of the country and remote locations that demand CAT on-highway trucks. The seasonality of demand as a result of changes in natural resource and construction industries contributes to the need to attend to the supply chain. 

CAT in Russia is advised to utilize MRP systems for inventory management. It is a part of ERP that accommodates many processes of enterprise management. In the Russian market, it is not applicable for CAT to use the just-in-time method because of the size of the country, market requirements, and transportation challenges. CAT should rely on MRP to accommodate the demand.

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