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Kumudini Women’s Medical College

Timing of application is crucial for admission to Bangladeshi Medical Colleges.
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About Tangail in Bangladesh

Tangail is recognized as the principal urban center of Tangail district, situated 98 kilometers northwest of the Dhaka region. It takes approximately 2 hours to commute from Dhaka’s bus terminal to Tangail. Given its close proximity to roadways and railways, students can easily access the college by bus or train.

Kumudini Women’s Medical College

Established in 1943, Kumudini Women’s Medical College is a women’s medical institution dedicated to promoting medical education among women. The college boasts a hospital building with 850 beds and provides essential amenities such as an auditorium, library, dental unit, canteen, and five multi-storied hostel buildings for students and faculty.

The MBBS program at Kumudini Women’s Medical College is recognized by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council. The college offers theoretical and practical classes in various departments including anatomy, pharmacology, physiology, biochemistry, community medicine, and toxicology. Students are encouraged to participate in theater, sports activities, and other creative endeavors to hone their talents and enhance self-confidence.

Kumudini Women’s Medical College has a World Ranking of 13590th among over 40,000 universities, and a Country Ranking of 82nd in Bangladesh.

As the Ministry of Health has allocated 50% of seats for foreign students, individuals seeking to pursue an MBBS degree at Kumudini Women’s Medical College can enroll in this public medical institution.

Facts about MBBS in Bangladesh

– The academic standards and pedagogy in Bangladesh’s medical colleges are considered average.
– These colleges are privately funded, leading to variations in infrastructure, facilities, and academics.
– Tuition fees are substantially high due to the lack of government subsidies.
– Indian students, particularly from West Bengal and the northeastern states, are drawn to Bangladeshi medical colleges due to the linguistic and cultural similarities.
– Graduates from Bangladeshi medical colleges have performed well in the FMGE of MCI screening tests, owing to the similar education structure, curriculum, and academic patterns with India.

Affiliations and Medical Programs at Kumudini Women’s Medical College

Kumudini Women’s Medical College offers officially recognized programs such as Master’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, and Honors programs. The college is affiliated with the University of Dhaka and is listed in international directories such as FAIMER, USA, which facilitates competitive entrance examinations abroad.

Admission Deadline for Kumudini Women’s Medical College

Timing of application is crucial for admission to Bangladeshi Medical Colleges. Generally, the intake in these colleges occurs in September. However, for the year 2022, there might be some variation due to COVID-19, but rest assured, we at Moksh will handle any confusion for you.

It’s essential to apply on time because the issuance of the Invitation Letter by the Ministry of Education, Bangladesh takes approximately 4-8 weeks, based on which the Bangladeshi Consulate in India issues the visa. Delay in applying might result in missing out on joining with your batch mates.

Eligibility Criteria for Admission in Kumudini Women’s Medical College

To be eligible for admission to Kumudini Women’s Medical College, applicants need to score at least 60% marks in PCB in Class XII. For admission to the batch of 2022, Class X should have been passed in 2018 or 2019, and Class XII in 2020 or 2021. Additionally, candidates must have qualified NEET 2021.

Indians at Kumudini Women’s Medical College

Indian students are commonly found in Bangladeshi medical colleges for two main reasons. Firstly, the impressive passing ratio in the MCI screening test provides a sense of security to Indian students, making them confident about clearing the FMGE / NEXT / MCI screening test. Secondly, there is a linguistic and cultural connection that students from West Bengal and the northeastern states find in Bangladesh.

However, it’s important to consider the academic standards and hefty tuition fees while opting for MBBS at Kumudini Women’s Medical College.

PG Option after MBBS in Kumudini Women’s Medical College

After completing MBBS, many students aspire to pursue Medical PG in India or NExT. However, securing a PG seat, especially in government medical colleges, is highly competitive, with only about 1 out of 10 candidates succeeding. Additionally, the chances of getting a clinical specialty are even slimmer, with only about 1 out of 20 applicants succeeding. Consequently, the journey to PG can be challenging, and students often need substantial financial resources to secure a paid seat in a private medical college, which may cost millions!

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