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Jilin University, ranked among the top 10 universities in China, boasts a sprawling and picturesque campus, along with excellent hostel facilities.

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Jilin University, ranked among China’s top 10 universities, boasts a vast and stunning campus with exceptional hostel facilities. Located in Changchun city, approximately a 5-hour high-speed train ride from Beijing, the university offers a picturesque setting, although winters can be quite cold. As per the standard requirements for studying MBBS in China, students are required to attain proficiency in Chinese language up to the HSK – 4 level during their 5-year classroom study.

Affiliated with nearly 6,000 hospital beds in the city, Jilin University provides students with internship opportunities in China for their 6th year, available at an additional cost. Alternatively, students who opt to return to India after completing 5 years of study receive a provisional MBBS degree certificate from the university and have the option to complete their internship in India.

Advantages of studying MBBS at Jilin University in China:

– Currently, over 150 Indian students are enrolled in the MBBS program at Jilin University, with approximately 70 hailing from southern India and the remainder from other regions. Despite the cold weather in Changchun, students are drawn to the university due to its high-quality education.
– The tuition fees for MBBS at Jilin University are affordable, making it a cost-effective option for Indian students seeking medical education abroad.
– Jilin University is consistently ranked among the top 10 MBBS universities in China, offering a reputable academic environment.
– Reviews from Indian students regarding the medical program at Jilin University are highly positive, despite its B+ Grade accreditation.
– The university is recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI), ensuring that Indian students can pursue their MBBS studies with confidence.
– With its prestigious reputation, Jilin University ranks among the top universities in China, providing students with a world-class education.
– The MBBS program at Jilin University spans five years, and students have the option to conduct their internship in India, saving on tuition and hostel fees for an additional year.
– Living costs in Chinese cities, particularly in the colder region of Northeast China where Jilin University is situated, are relatively low, contributing to a more affordable student experience.
– The university boasts an impressive 70% passing ratio in the FMGE/MCI screening test, demonstrating the quality of education provided.
– MOKSH, a leading overseas education consultant in Mumbai, offers seamless online application processes and online coaching for the MCI screening test throughout the five-year journey, providing invaluable support to students.
– Regular online seminars (webinars) are conducted to guide students toward the right career path and ensure a successful academic journey.

Admission Deadline at Jilin University:

Timing your application correctly is crucial to secure a spot in the MBBS program in China. On average, there are 4-8 applications from India for every available medical seat in China. The recommended deadline for applications is before June 15th each year in China. However, applications can be submitted after July 16th, but admission to the MBBS program is not guaranteed.

Reserve a Seat in MBBS Abroad Admission 2022-23:

In 2016, many students were awaiting the NEET 2 exam. Unfortunately, waiting for NEET 2 results can lead to missed deadlines for applications to MCI-approved MBBS programs abroad, resulting in a wasted year. MOKSH offers an innovative solution by reserving your seat and providing an admission letter as your Plan B. If you gain admission through NEET 2, you won’t need to attend your chosen university for MBBS abroad. However, if you don’t make it, your backup plan is ready. This option is particularly beneficial for students who have already secured medical seats. Important points to note:

Private medical college fees have increased by nearly 50%, reaching around Rs. 75 lakhs for the full course. Admission to private medical colleges is only available to the top 2-3% of NEET 2 takers. Preparing solely for state boards can make preparing for NEET in 2023 very challenging. Reserving a seat requires only university application fees; no additional payment is needed. Simply reserve a seat in an MCI-approved MBBS program abroad according to your budget and relax.

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