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JIKE Logistics Limited: Your Choice for Global Freight

Discover the excellence of JIKE Logistics Limited, your trusted partner in international logistics. Contact us for top-tier logistics solutions!

In an ever-evolving global marketplace, the importance of reliable logistics cannot be overstated. JIKE Logistics Limited stands as a beacon of excellence in the field of international third-party logistics. From Fortune 500 corporations to burgeoning startups, JIKE Logistics caters to a diverse clientele with a commitment to quality, precision, and safety at the forefront of its operations.


A Commitment to Excellence:


Since its establishment in 2014, JIKE Logistics has been synonymous with top-tier logistics solutions. With a dedicated team of seasoned specialists, the company ensures that every cargo is delivered in pristine condition. The driving force behind the organization is its customers, and their satisfaction is paramount. JIKE Logistics goes the extra mile to not only meet but often exceed client expectations, setting the stage for future growth and an impeccable reputation.


Services Offered:


JIKE Logistics is a comprehensive logistics provider, offering a wide range of services including:


  1. Air Freight
  2. Sea Freight
  3. Rail Freight
  4. Express Service
  5. Warehouse Solutions
  6. Customs Clearance


Adhering to strict principles of efficiency, preciseness, and flexibility, JIKE Logistics has earned the trust of its clients, becoming their preferred forwarder. The pursuit of excellence is a driving force behind the company’s endeavors, always striving to provide superior service and value.


Global Reach:


Headquartered in the bustling metropolis of Shenzhen, China, JIKE Logistics boasts an extensive network of branches and warehouses spanning across major cities and countries, including but not limited to Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Europe. This extensive reach ensures that goods are moved to their destinations swiftly, safely, and at competitive rates.


Mission and Vision:


JIKE Logistics has a clear mission – to be the preferred logistics partner for its customers. This is achieved by delivering innovative freight management solutions through a high-performance culture that emphasizes collaboration, accountability, safety, and exceptional service. The company’s vision is to continually evolve and adapt to meet the ever-changing demands of the global logistics landscape.


Connect with JIKE Logistics:


For those seeking to expand their knowledge of logistics or explore potential opportunities, JIKE Logistics offers two informative websites:¬†and Additionally, questions and inquiries are welcome, and can be directed to Viona at [email protected], or via WhatsApp at +86 19179044187.




In a world where logistics play a pivotal role in business success, JIKE Logistics Limited shines as a beacon of trustworthiness, efficiency, and excellence. With a diverse array of services and a global network, JIKE Logistics is poised to meet and exceed the logistics needs of businesses both large and small. Embracing the future with a commitment to service, JIKE Logistics paves the way for seamless global commerce.

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