Is online learning the future of education?

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Previously, enrolling in a program at an institution, paying any applicable fees, and then physically attending the class were the only ways to obtain a degree or learn anything new. That is, up till the revolution in online education began.

The market for online education was valued at a whopping $166.5 billion in 2017. By 2017, it is predicted that this will reach a value of $255 billion. Only the rising number of people deciding to participate in online courses can match its rising financial value.

In the most recent Global Shapers Survey, which included 25,000 young people from around the world, 77.84% of participants said they had previously taken online courses. So, is online education the way of the future?

Growing issues

Online education’s expansion is not beyond obstacles. Online education has been roundly condemned from its inception in the 1960s for what appears to be an inadequate level of control, especially the absence of excellent teachers.

Challenges faced in online learning

If we talk about the uncertain arrival of coronavirus, students are intentionally or unintentionally forced to study in a virtual educational system. The immediate transition of shifting to online learning demands adjustments from the students. Students may pursue hire someone to do my online class online education assistance.

Unfortunately, it isn’t easy and challenging to manage school and life tasks. According to the research, it has been found that 71% of students are stressed because they don’t know how to manage their studies and life.

Students are learning difficulties in some places where our online educational programs do not enable them to maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes work and study time. Rushing toward online educational systems, teachers have forgotten to infuse extra-curricular activities into their academic life to make students alive and cheerful. The idea of including different creative activities helps students in balancing their life.

Fortunately, there are some tips with the help of which both educators and teachers can find ways to manage work and life. Looking at the following tips might help you feel secure, and you can find ways to develop online learning.

Additionally, others contend that online education has considerably contributed to the goal of “education for all,” a slogan that has evolved into a global demand since the 1990s by making education more accessible. Many individuals – frequently those living in distant places – still cannot access education, even though many nations have made tremendous progress in providing basic education to everyone.

Might utilize online education to reach the final group of citizens without sufficient educational opportunities and accomplish the Sustainable Development Goal, which relates to good education, as there are a growing amount of “internet users” in rural parts of many developing nations.

Universal education

Should not ignore online education’s opportunity to become a supplement to traditional education or, in some situations, a replacement for it, given the further spreading of technology and the increasing global demand for learning.

Rather than worry about whether online education will ever be as effective as more conventional methods, we should concentrate on how we might use it to provide high-quality education for individuals worldwide, especially the underprivileged and impoverished.

Although there are actual barriers, we can overcome them. Additionally, the chance to fulfill the promise of universal education is too great to pass up.

Online education a ladder for professional development

Professional development is becoming crucial daily because the market has tough competition. Professional development means climbing the career ladder while continuing the studies. This is the most common approach nowadays being followed by students, especially with the help of online education. In online education, students are given flexible environments and schedules. Moreover, they can also design their schedules and continue working in the organizations for their experiences. So when they enter the market after completing their education, they might have hands-off experience in the desired field.


Apart from the benefits of online education, it faces many challenges with the pace of time. The challenges need to be focused on and tackled. There are the following opportunities that might help online education to face the upcoming challenges:

Innovative technology:

Educational institutes have been responsible for making online education reach its pinnacle. New innovative technologies have been introduced in the educational sector to fulfill this responsibility. 3D systems are being introduced that will make virtual classes more worthwhile.

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