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Integrated Townships

Integrated township offers modern amenities catering to both industrial requirements and resident needs in the area.
Integrated townships have been gaining popularity in India in the last couple of years due to its self-sufficient and self-governed characteristics. They have commercial, residential and entertainment facilities all available within the confines of a particular portion of land.
Living in an integrated township gives you access to the following benefits:
  1. Community living: Your social interactions increase when you live in an integrated township. Within this space, you will never feel alone.
  2. Abundant amenities: Integrated townships come with modern amenities so you have a comfortable lifestyle with almost anything you need at arm’s reach. The township is usually equipped with medical facilities, educational institutions, shopping complexes, sports facilities, and more. Now, you and your family live in a place that is clean and green and free from the chaos of city life.
  3. Better security: Living in an integrated township leads to better security because of the people allowed in and out of the community. The township is enabled with features such as CCTV cameras and 24-hour security.
  4. Sustainable living: Many townships give importance to sustainability and green spaces. Generally, there will be parks and gardens which help form a better outdoor environment for both children and adults. Further, these townships will usually have eco-friendly infrastructure such as waste management systems, rainwater harvesting, and energy-efficient infrastructure to promote a sustainable lifestyle.

Bliss in the Town: A Project Within a 100-acre Integrated Township

Now that you know what an integrated township is and its various benefits, let’s talk about a project situated inside a 100-acre township. Developed by Elephantine Enterprises Pvt Ltd, the project named Bliss in the Town is located at Ponmar(Polachery). This project has plots that are sold for commercial and residential purposes. The starting price for these plots is Rs. 19 Lakhs. Bliss in the Town is situated at a strategic place where there is good commute infrastructure that will take you to different places in Chennai. It also has great facilities nearby in the form of hospitals, educational institutes, and entertainment infrastructure.
Start the new chapter of your life at Bliss in the town where happiness is not only in the name but part of your lives too!
If you are going to type “plots in Chennai for sale” on one of the search engines, don’t! Ring up Elephantine Enterprises Pvt Ltd. They have plots that are located in strategic places across Chennai. Being one of the best builders in Chennai, they also build amazing buildings for residential purposes. 
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