How Do I Get YouTube TV on My Samsung TV

There are a number of reasons why the YouTube TV app on your Samsung TV isn’t functioning properly, and the app itself has bugs.

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I immediately canceled my cable TV subscription and signed up for YouTube TV as soon as I learned about it. I spent several hours watching live TV on my Samsung TV after installing the YouTube TV app. I took a break, and when I turned the TV back on, the YouTube TV app didn’t seem to function the same way. The application buffered constantly and responded slowly to my inputs. When I tried to close the app, the back button caused it to crash. I visited Google’s support website and spoke with a few users of YouTube TV on Samsung devices to learn what had happened to the app.

Having spent many hours researching the app, I have included all I could find to help solve it in this article. It ought to assist you in determining the issue with the YouTube TV app and resolving it quickly.

Try cleaning the cache of your YouTube TV app if it’s not working properly on your Samsung TV. Try reinstalling the app if it doesn’t solve the issue. Learn when to restore your Samsung TV to factory settings and how to empty the cache of any app by continuing to read.

Why Does YouTube TV Not Work On My Samsung TV?

There are a number of reasons why the YouTube TV app on your Samsung TV isn’t functioning properly, and the app itself has bugs.

One of those reasons is an out-of-date app, but it’s not limited to that. If the TV’s software is out of date, you may also experience problems. Newer YouTube TV apps might not work as well on older Samsung TVs. If there are problems with the cache, such as corrupted or incomplete data, the application may not function. These problems all have simple fixes that would only take a few minutes to put into practice. I would suggest that you try each of these solutions in the order that they are offered.

Clear YouTube TV App’s Cache

Each app utilizes a portion of the TV’s internal storage to hold data that it needs frequently to perform tasks more effectively, which speeds up whatever you’re attempting to complete with the app. This cache may occasionally become corrupted as a result of an error that occurred when the app was writing data to it or when the TV was unexpectedly switched off.
For us, the only solution is to delete the cache and let it rebuild itself. Fortunately, deleting the cache on the more recent Samsung TVs is not difficult. To empty the YouTube TV app’s cache, according to the instructions below.

For 2020 and newer models:

  1. Press the Home button on the remote.
    2. Scroll down to Support and select Device Care.
    3. Wait for the TV to finish scanning storage.
    4. Select Manage Storage from the bottom of the screen.
    5. Find the YouTube TV app from this list and highlight it.
    6. Press the down button when the app is highlighted.
    7. Select View Details.
    8. Highlight and select Clear Cache to wipe the contents of the app cache.

Because older versions are unable to perform this kind of direct cache clearing, we must delete and reload the YouTube TV software.

To do this:

  1. Go to Apps > My Apps.
    2. Navigate to Options > Delete My Apps.
    3. Select the YouTube TV app.
    4. Highlight and select Delete and confirm the deletion.
    5. Go to Apps again.
    6. Use the search bar to find YouTube TV.
    7. Install the app.

Once you’ve completed this, confirm that the repair is effective and that using the YouTube TV app as usual will not cause any problems.

Update The App

To update the apps on your newer Samsung smart TV:

1. Press the Home key on your remote.
2. Go to Apps.
3. Highlight Settings on the top right of the screen and select it.
4. Highlight Auto-update and select to turn it on.

Your apps will be kept up to date as long as you have an active internet connection.

To update the YouTube TV app on your older Samsung TV:

1. Press the Smart Hub key on your remote.
2. Go to Featured.
3. Navigate to the YouTube TV app. There should be a blue and white arrow logo that shows the app needs an update.
4. Press Enter when the app is highlighted.
5. Select Update apps from the sub-menu that appears.
6. Choose Select All > Update.
7. The app will now start updating, so wait until it completes.

Launch the YouTube TV app and see if the app resumes working as it should.

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