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How Do I Change My Name On My Volaris Ticket?

Still puzzled about “how do I change my name on my Volaris ticket?” Instead of beating about the bush or again reading the refund laws and regulations.
How Do I Change My Name On My Volaris Ticket?

Did you accidentally input the wrong name while purchasing a Volaris ticket? If so, you’ll be relieved to know that Volaris Airlines has a highly accommodating policy for name changes. The airlines ensure that their patrons experience no discomfort during the entirety of the Volaris name change procedure, making it a straightforward and hassle-free process.

What Is The Name Change Policy For Volaris?

Volaris’ change of name policy allows passengers to correct misspelled names or make minor changes to meet government-issued documents. At least four hours before the flight’s departure time, these adjustments must be made. Substantial modifications, such as giving a ticket to someone else, are not allowed, nevertheless. Name changes may incur fees, which vary according to the fare class and route. Travelers wishing to seek a name change must speak with a Volaris Airlines name change support representative directly or stop by a Volaris airport counter. Supporting documents, such as a passport or driver’s license, must be presented.

Rules For Changing Name On Volaris Ticket

Using several methods, passengers can seek a name change if they accidentally input the incorrect name on their Voalris airline ticket. However, it’s crucial to be aware of the guidelines you must adhere to before submitting a name change request:

  • Minor modifications to the first, middle, or last name are authorized under the Volaris name change policy.
  • Up to four characters can be added to the passengers’ first, middle, and last names. 
  • A traveler cannot transfer a ticket from one person to another under Volaris’ name change policy. Following that, the traveler would need to cancel and reschedule their original ticket. 
  • Passengers may submit official papers to verify name changes caused by marriage or divorce. 
  • Passengers have two choices for changing the name on their reservation: online or offline. 
  • Along with any ticket differences, the tourist must additionally pay $200 in non-refundable surcharges.
  • Typically, Volaris does not enable travelers to change their names. 
  • Adults are not permitted to offer their reservation to an old person or a child. 
  • Name alterations are not allowed if the passenger purchases the ticket using digital credits.

Types Of Name Change Request For Volaris Airlines Ticket

  • Marriage Name Change: If your passport name changes after the flight booking due to marriage or divorce, you can submit a name change request. Volaris Airlines will reissue your ticket, and you must pay the name change charge or pricing difference, as applicable.
  • Legal Name Change: If your name changes owing to legal responsibilities, you can file a change request and provide supporting documentation.
  • Minor Name Change: If there are spelling issues in the last, middle, or first name, travelers can only change up to four characters.
  • Middle Or Last Name Correction: You may request a modification to remove or add a middle name to your ticket. If you have two last names, you can request a name change using just accompanying legal papers.

Wrapping Up!

Still puzzled about “how do I change my name on my Volaris ticket?” Instead of beating about the bush or again reading the refund laws and regulations, contact the official specialists at  +1 855 VOLARIS to get your cancellation or refund completed as quickly as feasible. For more information, call the consolidation desk at +1-800-865-1848.

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