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How advertisements help in building brand identity

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Why do you need storytelling? No matter what you sell, there are a lot more similar products out there in the market, so what makes your products or service different from others? Wait, that’s what a story does to your business. These stories help people to know your brand’s story. Looking back, all the famous brands started their business by telling stories and their stories are the reason they’re called brands. In this market, there’s only way to attract potential customers; by telling the right and new stories 


Let’s discuss how video advertisements help in building your brand identity: 


Video is an effective tool to tell your stories to the people. Unlike text or static images. Video can help you narrate the essence of the brand. Through compelling visuals and right narrative people can, brands can express their values, mission and story in a way that resonates with viewers on an emotional level. And this will help you to build identity. 


Video provide consistency

While building a brand one thing that matters the most is consistency. Video advertisements provide a consistent format for brands to present their message on various platforms. Brands can reinforce their identity everytime they release a new video. Over time this will help a brand to bring something new for the consumers. 


Every brand has a unique personality. And video advertisements are one of the excellent mediums to showcase, with the help of music, character and dialogues it keeps the audience hooked.  Video content is effective, engaging and capable of holding viewers attention more effectively than other forms of media. It helps to build an emotional connection with the audience to create  a strong brand identity. Video can express emotions through powerful storytelling, music , and visuals and finding ways to attract viewers attention can only be done by the right advertising agency

Top 3 Best Video Production Services in Odisha 

  1. 1.   Auromira Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. 
  2.   LMT Creations (Film & Media Production Company) 
  3.   Alpas Box – Explainer Video Production 


Auromira Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. 

Auromira Entertainment Pvt Ltd. is a prominent player in the integrated communications and marketing space. It is well known as the best video production company and has won praise for its unmatched advertising campaigns and imaginative, innovative designs. Some of the recent awards are ‘Best Video Bronze’, ‘Best producer/ Production Company’ Steadfastly dedicated to customer happiness, Auromira consistently pushes the boundaries of traditional marketing conventions, creating cutting- edge tactics that upend accepted wisdom in the sector. 


Client-centricity and results oriented mentality define Auromira’s strategy, which spans from advertising to event management. The firm creates the best campaigns supported by solid digital and on-the-ground, utilizing state-of-the-art technology to ensure efficiency in accomplishing client objectives. 

Prior to it, Auromira was known for being a trailblazer in the industry. It regularly produces outcomes that are better than anticipated by embracing disruptive strategies and placing a high priority on brand activation. In the field of integrated marketing communications, Auromira continues to set the bar for excellence with a unique blend of strategy, creativity and data driven insights. 


LMT Creations (Film & Media Production Company) 

LTM is one of the film production houses. Whether they are writing, directing, editing, or delivering their work, they put their all into it from beginning to end. Their strategy focuses on producing visually spectacular and emotionally compelling material that appeals to a wide range of viewers. The audience can rely on LMT creation to consistently provide best and top-notch content, whether they are viewing a corporate film, a documentary or a branded commercial. 

LTM Creations is distinguished by their dedication to excellence in all genres, sizes and media. They try to surpass rather than merely meet expectations. With their skilled group of directors, cinematographers, writers, editors, and motion graphic artists, they can creatively and deftly handle anything from small studio interviews to massive projects. 

 One can depend on LMT Creation to put their best foot forward and produce only the finest, no matter what the job entails. They help their customers at every stage, from post-production to production management to creative direction. 

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