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Gomel State Medical University

Regarding clinical facilities, the university is widely regarded as the top institution in Belarus.
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Established in 1990, Gomel State Medical University stands as the sole English-medium institute in Belarus. Accredited by the World Health Organization (WHO), it is renowned as one of Belarus’s most modern and advanced universities. Presently, the university accommodates 3500 students, facilitated by 600 highly skilled professors across 34 departments. The institution boasts 5 research laboratories, 18 well-equipped clinics, and a central research library. With a strong clinical base, it has contributed to the training of over 2000 doctors since its inception.

Why Choose to Study in Belarus?
The high educational standards and global recognition of degrees ensure promising job prospects post-graduation. Belarusian degrees are internationally acknowledged, offering cost-effective education and living expenses compared to other European cities. Additionally, the visa application process in Belarus is relatively simpler than in other European countries.

Why Choose Gomel State Medical University?
Gomel State Medical University upholds European standards, providing exclusively English-based degrees recognized internationally by prestigious institutions such as SLMC, ECFMG, MCI, European Medical Council, AMC, GMC, WHO, and UNESCO. The university offers comprehensive guidance for medical licensing examinations like PLAB, USMLE, MCI Tests, MOH, DOH, and HAD. Notably, no IELTS or TOEFL scores are required for admission. With highly qualified faculty and a secure learning environment, the university employs advanced teaching methodologies to ensure comprehensive learning.

Life in Belarus
Belarus enjoys a moderate climate characterized by cool humid winters and warm summers, with temperatures ranging from -4.5°C to -8°C in winter and +17°C to +18.5°C in July. Annual rainfall typically occurs between April and October, with snowfall ranging from 15-30 cm over 75-125 days annually.

Fee Structure at Gomel State Medical University

Admission Process at Gomel State Medical University
Belarusian visas are issued upon arrival at Minsk airport, as Belarusian embassies may not be available in certain countries. Admission requires submission of the following documents: Certificate of Secondary Education, valid passport, birth certificate, and medical fitness documents.

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For students awaiting NEET 2 exam results, reserving a seat in MCI-approved MBBS abroad universities serves as a prudent backup plan. By securing admission through MOKSH, students can ensure a contingency plan if NEET results are not favorable. MOKSH offers this innovative solution without upfront fees, providing clarity on actual fees and service charges, unlike unscrupulous agents.

Obtaining a Medical PG in the USA via USMLE Pathway

Understanding the formidable challenges associated with securing a PG position in India, an increasing number of students are turning their attention towards USMLE preparation from as early as their first year of MBBS. This trend is fueled by the fact that the USMLE closely aligns with the new NMC Competency-based curriculum, making it more accessible for Indian medical students.

The US healthcare system stands out globally as one of the premier healthcare systems for several reasons, including its attractive rewards, state-of-the-art infrastructure, merit-based evaluation, and abundant opportunities for specialization. Numerous countries are endeavoring to emulate the US healthcare assessment system for their medical graduates.

The USMLE examination is structured into three distinct parts. Typically, students take USMLE Step 1 after their second year of medical school, followed by USMLE Step 2 CK during their internship, and finally, Step 3 during their medical residency (Medical PG). These exams are administered online and can be taken at PROMETRIC centers conveniently located across India.

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