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Global Leather Chair Market to Grow Rapidly

Leather chairs are comfortable, durable and stylish seating solutions widely used in residential and commercial sectors
Leather Chair Market

Leather chairs are comfortable, durable and stylish seating solutions widely used in residential and commercial sectors. They provide superior comfort due to its soft and breathable material properties which increases its demand. Advantages like moisture wicking, thermoregulation and antimicrobial nature makes leather an ideal material for chair making. Rising residential construction and renovation activities along with growing preference for luxury and premium furnishings is driving the demand for leather chairs.

The Global Leather Chair Market is estimated to be valued at US$ 7,373.0 Mn in 2024 and is expected to exhibit a CAGR of 3.8% over the forecast period 2024 to 2031.

Key Takeaways

The global demand for Leather Chair Market Size is growing owing increasing spending on home furnishing and luxury commercial interiors. Technological advancements like automated production processes and use of quality raw materials is helping manufacturers to improve product quality and sustainability.

Key players operating in the leather chair market are Kingsgate Furniture, Sunrise International, Jodhpur Trends, Sree Balaji Modular Furniture, Bharat seating systems, Purewood, Simplex Furniture, Vaibhavi Engineers, Ovion Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd., Vintage Leather Furniture, Mayuri Leather Furniture, Akku Art Exports, SUREN SPACE, LeatherCraft Canada, and Leather Creations.

Market Trends

Growing popularity of eco-friendly vegan leather: With increasing environmental concerns, manufacturers are focusing on developing sustainable alternatives to genuine leather using materials like pineapple leaves, cork and mushrooms.

Rising demand for multifunctional and ergonomic chairs: To cater to evolving consumer needs, manufacturers are developing chairs with features like adjustable lumbar support, tilt mechanism, 360-degree swivel and reclining options.

Market Opportunities

Growth in real estate and hospitality sectors: Rapid urbanization and increase in tourism is driving construction of commercial buildings, hotels and malls which is expected to boost demand for leather chairs in lobby areas and conference rooms.

Increase in online sales: Wide choice of designs and styles coupled with lucrative discounts and easy payment options on e-commerce platforms is attracting more customers, offering growth opportunities for leather chair market.

Impact of COVID-19 on Leather Chair Market Growth

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the global leather chair market. During the initial lockdown phase imposed by governments across various countries, manufacturing facilities were shut down which disrupted the supply chains. This led to shortage of raw materials and components as well as delays in production and deliveries. With restrictions on transportation and international trade, export and import of leather chairs were affected. The closure of furniture showrooms and retail stores impacted sales. With people staying indoors, demand from commercial sectors like offices, restaurants declined sharply.

However, as lockdowns eased, the market witnessed a gradual recovery. With work from home becoming the new norm, demand for home furniture including leather chairs increased from the residential sector. Manufacturers resumed operations following strict safety guidelines and innovated digitally enabled sales platforms to reach customers. The focus shifted to serving the rising demand from e-commerce channels. While challenges remained for commercial and B2B segments, growth in online sales helped offset declines to some extent. Going forward, rebuilding supply chains and resolving logistical issues will be key for stakeholders to cater to recovering demand.

Geographical Regions with High Concentration of Leather Chair Market Value

North America represents one of the most concentrated regions for the global leather chair market. The US accounted for the largest share, supported by factors such as high disposable incomes, widespread furniture showrooms and growing culture of home decor and furnishings. Western Europe was another major regional market led by Germany, UK, France and Italy. Availability of skilled labor force and established leather furniture manufacturing bases in Italy and Germany drove sector growth.

Fastest Growing Region for Leather Chair Market
Asia Pacific is projected to be the fastest growing region for the global leather chair market. Rapid urbanization, growth of real estate and construction sectors, rising affluence of middle-class population are fueling demand. Countries like China, India and Vietnam are emerging as top exporters of leather furniture globally. Abundant raw material availability along with lower production costs gives the region a competitive edge over Western counterparts. Governments in various APAC nations are also supporting industry development through initiatives focused on skills, technology and exports.

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