Activity Forums Business and Entrepreneurship How do kids squash rankings contribute to player retention and camp enrollment?

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    Rankings attract returning players and new participants by showcasing camps with positive coaching and memorable experiences. The only time kids squash class could be more appealing is when they witness the camaraderie and skill-building firsthand, fostering a love for the sport that lasts a lifetime.


    Kids squash rankings can contribute to player retention and camp enrollment in several ways. Firstly, rankings provide a sense of achievement and progress for young players, motivating them to continue training and competing in the sport. This sense of accomplishment can help keep players engaged and committed to improving their skills.

    Additionally, rankings can create a competitive environment that encourages players to strive for higher positions and work harder to maintain their standing. This healthy competition can foster a strong sense of community and camaraderie among players, leading to increased participation in camps and other squash events.

    Moreover, players who are ranked higher may serve as role models for younger or less experienced players, inspiring them to set goals and work towards improving their game. This emulation of successful players can attract more participants to camps and programs where they can learn from and aspire to be like their peers.

    In conclusion, kids squash rankings play a significant role in player retention and camp enrollment by promoting motivation, competition, community, and skill development among young players.

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