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Find Your Perfect Wholesale Clothing Partners

Discover premium US wholesale clothing vendors like Advance Apparels! Explore high-quality, diverse fashion at competitive prices.

Summary: Explore the Finest Wholesale Clothing Vendors in the US with our carefully curated list! Uncover top-rated suppliers providing a diverse range of fashionable, high-quality items at competitive prices. Rely on these companies to present your business with optimal choices in wholesale fashion trends.

In the dynamic world of fashion, both fast fashion and designer brands leverage wholesale clothing vendors to enhance profitability. Amidst global styles and procurement practices, smart decision-making is crucial. While opting for wholesale fashion trend suppliers, prioritizing factors beyond the price tag is vital for staying competitive and avoiding potential risks in transactions.

Elevate Your Business with Wholesale Fashion Trends

Collaborating with a Wholesale Clothing Vendor brings numerous advantages. Typically offering lower prices than retailers, these vendors boast more robust bottom lines, allowing them to share the benefits of scaling with the procuring fashion brand. If you’re in search of wholesale fashion trends, some suppliers excel in processing sizable orders with swift delivery times, providing an undoubtedly superior selection range compared to their retail counterparts. This, in turn, empowers a clothing label to stay abreast of wholesale fashion trends every season.

Discover Your Ideal Business Partners: Top 10 Wholesale Clothing Suppliers in the US. 

Uncover unique offerings and advantages from these popular online and offline wholesalers across America. Find the perfect fit for your business needs.

  1. Advance Apparels: Established in 2001, Advance Apparels is a leading women’s garment supplier with two cutting-edge factories in India. Offering over 500 high-quality products, we specialize in Tie-Dye & Batik, African Fashion, Sustainable Fashion, and more. Our customer-driven approach caters to businesses of all sizes, ensuring efficiency and flexibility. With a 98% same-day order fulfillment rate and low wholesale minimums ($300), we meet the needs of retailers seamlessly. Visit our South Hackensack, NJ showroom without appointments or contact us at [email protected]. Elevate your retail with fresh and trending collections.
  2. Alibaba: A top wholesale clothing supplier, Alibaba offers a diverse product range for both high-end and budget preferences. It’s a go-to for small to mid-size corporations, providing flexible procurement options.
  3. DollarDays: Your destination for women’s clothing, lingerie, activewear, and shoes in wholesale fashion trends. Ideal rates for institutions and non-profits.
  4. DHgate: A popular online wholesale clothing supplier with sections for fashion accessories, wearable tech, and diverse clothing for all. Suitable for new brands with scalable options, supporting both B2B and B2C trading.
  5. Wholesale7: Catering to boutique owners, Wholesale7 is a leading supplier of quality, high-end products, specializing in niche wholesale fashion trends.
  6. Sammydress: Specializing in wholesale fashion trends, Sammydress boasts a product line of 200,000 goods all under one roof. Tailored for US-based clothing retailers, it claims to provide bulk purchases at factory costs.
  7. Faire: Focusing on made-in-USA brands, Faire serves over 600,000 retailers across home decor, beauty, wellness, women’s clothing, and jewelry. With a catalog featuring 85,000 independent brands, the wholesaler offers free returns.
  8. Shein: A dedicated wholesale clothing supplier for trendy and fashionable women’s items, Shein offers an extensive selection of dresses, tops, bottoms, and more. Ideal for clothing businesses seeking on-trend products specifically for women.
  9. Chase USA: Known for wholesaling a comprehensive range of clothing, Chase USA stands out for its exceptional children’s clothing selection. With shipping available to US cities and international retailers, they exclusively engage in bulk buying with a Minimum Order Quantity of $500.
  10. Judson & Company: A family-owned business since 1989, Judson & Company specializes in wholesale fashion trends for women. Offering same-day shipping and volume discounts on bulk purchases, they provide everything from caps to huggers and discounted shades for women.

Select Your Wholesaler with a Focus on Your Clientele, Not Just Prices

While purchasing in bulk from a wholesaler guarantees cost-effective fashion products, it shouldn’t be the sole criterion for businesses in clothing merchandise. Before placing an order, it’s crucial to consider your target audience. For instance, if your clients primarily seek women’s wear and you come across a wholesaler offering women clothing at a more attractive price, it’s essential not to blindly pursue that option. Beyond competitive pricing, assess whether the wholesaler clothing vendor to B2B or AA Shop USA (B2C), has a free returns policy, and offers international shipping.

Advance Apparels Inc. stands out as a premier choice for wholesale clothing and apparel supplies. Our extensive global network of trading partners enables us to provide competitive prices for all your needs.


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