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Fergana State University

FSU fosters a vibrant academic community. Furthermore, it boasts a vast alumni network.
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Fergana State University (FSU) stands as a prominent public institution situated in Fergana, Uzbekistan. Established in 1923, it holds the distinction of being one of the oldest and most esteemed universities in the country. Accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, and Innovation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, FSU boasts partnerships with numerous universities across the globe.

Renowned for its academic excellence, FSU holds recognition from the World Health Organization (WHO). The university maintains a stellar reputation for its exceptional standard of education and cutting-edge research initiatives. With a sizable student body and a diverse faculty, FSU fosters a vibrant academic community. Furthermore, it boasts a vast alumni network.

Equipped with modern amenities, FSU offers state-of-the-art facilities including a well-stocked library, a comprehensive sports complex, and a dynamic student union. The university’s hostels are outfitted with contemporary conveniences such as Wi-Fi access, laundry facilities, and dining halls.

Key Highlights of Fergana State University:

Originally established as Fergana State Pedagogical Institute in 1930, it was renamed Fergana State University in 1991.
A prestigious institution in Uzbekistan, ranking among the top 50 universities in the country.
A member of the International Association of Universities, fostering collaborations with universities in over 20 countries.
Comprises 11 faculties offering undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs.
Enrolls over 19,000 students and employs a faculty of more than 2,000 professors and lecturers.
Located in a temperate climate zone, with hot summers and moderately cold winters.
Average temperatures in January hover around -2.6°C (28°F), while July averages reach 35.1°C (95.2°F).
Ranked 23rd in Uzbekistan and 8293rd globally.
Why Choose Fergana State University for Medicine Studies?

Consider Fergana State University for medical studies for several compelling reasons:

Quality Education: With a founding year of 1918, FSU has a longstanding tradition of offering high-quality medical education.

Accreditation: FSU holds accreditation from the World Health Organization (WHO), ensuring graduates’ eligibility to practice medicine globally.

Affordability: Tuition fees at FSU are relatively affordable compared to counterparts in Europe and North America.

Cost of Living: Fergana, Uzbekistan, offers a low cost of living, enabling Indian students to save on expenses while pursuing their studies.

Medium of Instruction: English serves as the language of instruction at FSU, facilitating ease of adjustment and participation for Indian students.

Opportunities: The university’s robust alumni network provides avenues for job placements, internships, and research opportunities post-graduation.

Medicine Program at Fergana State University:

The medicine program at FSU spans six years, culminating in a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree. Taught in English, the program is accredited by the WHO and covers a comprehensive array of subjects including anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, pathology, and clinical medicine. Students also have the opportunity to engage in clinical rotations at hospitals in Fergana and other Uzbekistan cities.


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