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Elevate your Musical Journey with High Street Music

Get to the heart of our store, where your musical dreams come to life!
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Are you a music enthusiast in Sydney in search of the ultimate musical experience? The quest for the finest musical and drum kits is what you find here at High Street Music, a trusted destination for musical brilliance. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or embarking on your musical voyage, an unparalleled selection of instruments that will ignite your passion for music awaits you at our Sydney music shop.

A Symphony of Musical Choices Awaits You

A diverse range of musical instruments catering to musicians from all walks of life is curated with immense pride by High Street Music. A commitment to quality, variety, and unwavering expertise sets us apart. From guitars and synthesisers to drum and brass instruments, a treasure trove is waiting to be explored at our Sydney-located music place, ensuring that the perfect instrument resonates with your unique musical identity.

Discover your Sound with Unmatched Variety

Guitars That Inspire

A stunning array of guitars, including acoustic, bass and electric guitar, is presented to you at our Sydney music store. Our guitars are designed to unleash your creativity. Instruments of the highest quality are offered across brands gracing our inventory.

Keyboards That Set the Tone Right

For pianists and keyboard enthusiasts, a captivating collection of digital and acoustic keyboards is offered by our store. A gateway to a sonic universe waiting to be explored is what our Sydney music shop represents, with captivating melodies and limitless possibilities awaiting you.

Rhythm Reigns Supreme with Drum Kits

In the symphony of music, drum kits are the pulse that breathes life into every composition. The pivotal role of drum kits is recognised by High Street Music, presenting you with an array of options. Whether a rock musician or intricate rhythms crave thunderous beats are sought after by a jazz maestro, the drum kit that suits your musical groove is housed by our Sydney music place. Renowned brands are stocked, ensuring you have the tools to elevate your drumming journey.

Why High Street Music is the One You Need?

Expert Guidance – A team comprising seasoned musicians who are passionate about music is what you will find here. They stand ready to guide you, ensuring that an informed choice tailored to your musical aspirations is made.

Uncompromising Quality – Quality excellence is committed to, with rigorous quality checks undergone by every musical instrument and drum kit in our store to ensure your satisfaction and enhance your musical experience.

Affordable Luxury – High Street Music offers competitive prices without compromising quality. Providing you with the best value for your musical investment is the mission.

Your Melodic Cravings are being Satisfied here!

The journey towards your musical mastery is what we are waiting to initiate at High Street Music, a Sydney music store with loads to offer. The keys to unlocking the world of beautiful music for you are in your hands with our extensive collection of musical instruments and drum kits. It doesn’t matter if you are a budding artist or an experienced performer; here are we to suffice your melodies.

High Street Music has become a memorable name with the freshest musical options. We have that dedication and commitment brought to the table to take care of the affordability, diversity, and quality of whatever we have for musicians of all levels. High Street Music has the finest musical tool that you can explore by paying a visit to us today and allowing the music buds to flow!

Come to High Street Music, where every instrument is the source of creating a masterpiece tune or rhythm, waiting to be played. Visit us today at and let go of your soul to experience the magic of true music!

Come to meet us and discuss your musical preferences at 491 High Street, Penrith, NSW 2750 or 165a Main Street, Lithgow, NSW 2790. If that’s difficult, then give us a call at (02) 4722 8608 / or email us at [email protected] / [email protected].

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