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Electric Actuated Ball Valve Supplier in Nigeria

African Valve is the top Electric Actuated Ball Valve Supplier in Nigeria


African Valve is the leading Electric Actuated Ball Valve Supplier in Nigeria. An electric actuated ball valve is a type of industrial valve that utilizes an electric actuator to control the opening and closing of the valve. It consists of a ball with a hole through its center, which acts as the closure element. Upon activation of the actuator, it induces the rotation of the ball, facilitating the opening or closing of the valve, permitting or obstructing the flow. This is commonly used in the application where remote or automated operation is required, allowing for precise control of fluid flow.

We provide top-quality Electric Actuated Ball Valve as a leading supplier in Nigeria, offering reliable solutions for efficient and precise flow control in various industrial applications.

Parts of Electric Actuated Ball Valve:
● Electric actuator: The electric actuator is the component that provides the torque needed to turn the ball valve.
● Ball valve: It controls the flow of fluid or gas through the system.
● Stem: It connects the ball valve to the electric actuator and transfers torque from the actuator to the valve.
● Seats: The seats are the surfaces against which the ball valve seals, prevent fluid or gas from flowing through the valve

Key Features:
● Precise Control: Offer precise control over the flow of fluids or gas, making them ideal for applications where accurate control is important.
● Quick Response: These valves have fast response times, allowing for rapid opening and closing actions.
● Energy efficiency: Electric Actuated Ball Valve consume less energy which makes them more energy-efficient and cost-effective.
● High Torque Output: The electric actuator provides high torque output, ensuring reliable operation even in demanding applications, This allows the valve to handle high pressures.
● Long service life: They have a long service life and can withstand harsh operating conditions, making them a durable and reliable valve solution.

● Water Supply Systems
● Irrigation Systems
● Dewatering Operations
● Industrial Pumping Systems
● Chemical Processing
● Water and Wastewater Treatment
● Pulp and Paper
● Power Generation
● Mining and Minerals Processing

● Body material we supply: Cast iron, carbon steel, cast steel (WCB, WCC, LCC, LCB, WC6, WC9), stainless steel (CF8, CF8M, SS316, SS304).
● Class: 150 – 2500, PN10 to PN450
● Size: ½” – 48”
● Operation: Motorized or Electric Actuated
● Ends: Socket weld,Flanged,Buttweld, Threaded


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