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East European University

the East European University Faculty of Healthcare Sciences has partnerships with universities in various countries.
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Established in 2012, East European University (EEU) is a privately owned educational institution. In 2017, the Faculty of Healthcare Sciences welcomed its inaugural batch of medicine students. However, in terms of knowledge and teaching experience, the East European University Faculty of Healthcare Sciences is relatively young.

The teaching faculty at European University Georgia (EEU) comprises over 150 members, including professors, associate professors, assistant professors, and invited lecturers. Since 2017, EEU has been admitting international students, attracting a diverse student body from countries such as Israel, India, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Iraq, Qatar, Lebanon, USA, Nigeria, Singapore, among others.

Programs Offered at East European University Georgia
European University Georgia offers approximately 18 undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees across various faculties, including:
– Faculty of Business and Engineering
– Faculty of Dentistry
– Faculty of Healing
– Faculty of Healthcare Sciences
– Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
– Faculty of Law
– Faculty of Medicine
– Faculty of Pharmacy

Accreditation and Recognition of East European University
Graduates of East European University benefit from the international recognition of their MBBS degree, acknowledged by prestigious organizations such as:
– European University Association (EUA)
– International Association for Medical Education (AMEE)
– Association of Medical Schools in Europe (AMSE)
– U.S. World Education Service Organization
– World Health Organization (WHO)
– World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS)
– National Medical Commission (NMC)
– Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER)
– World Education Services (WES)
– World University Service (WUSC)
– Ministry of Education, Science, Culture, and Sports of Georgia

Regarding international affiliations, the East European University Faculty of Healthcare Sciences has partnerships with universities in various countries, including London, Germany, Lithuania, Austria, India, Poland, etc.

East European University Georgia Rankings 2023
East European University’s rankings for 2023 are as follows:
– Country Ranking: 31st
– World Ranking: 10695th

Life in Tbilisi, Georgia
The Faculty of Healthcare Sciences at East European University is located in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, which is home to over a million people. Compared to Batumi, the city’s cost of living is relatively high, with summer temperatures averaging between 32 and 35 degrees Celsius and dropping below zero in winter.

Advantages of Studying at East European University
Prospective Indian students considering East European University should carefully weigh the following factors:
Duration: The Medical Doctor Educational Program (M.D.) at East European University Tbilisi Georgia spans six academic years (12 semesters).
Infrastructure: While infrastructure at EEU is average, the quality of academics is considered fair.
University Hostel: Well-furnished hostels are available for student accommodation.
Indian Food: Indian cuisine is available at the hostel.
Program Cost: The cost of MBBS at East European University is approximately 3.80 lakhs per academic year.
Erasmus Program: East European University has been offering the Erasmus+ program since 2015.
Student Exchange Program: Based on bilateral cooperation with 24 universities, EEU offers a student exchange program.

PG Option after MBBS in East European University EEU Faculty of Healthcare Sciences

Students after completing MD Program in Georgia may explore multiple options for their Medical PG like India after clearing NEXT, USA after Clearing USMLE, UK after clearing PLAB Exam, or Medical PG in Germany. Those who are looking for Medical PG from Georgia need to do one year of Internship in Georgia after their 6 years of the MD Program. Before that, they have to clear the Georgian Medical PG Licensing Exam. Very few international students opt for it in the program in Georgian, and there is no acceptance in their native country.

Medical PG in India or NExT

During MBBS study, a student realizes the importance of being a specialist. They also understand the competitiveness to secure MD/MS Seat in Govt College. If we look at the success ratio to get PG in Govt Medical College, which is 11% broadly we can say that only 1 out of 10 will get a PG Seatereas the chances of getting Clinical specialty is 1 out of 20 applicants. It is obvious that the PG journey is going to be very difficult or else students should have enough money to get the paid seat in Pvt Medical College which may be in Crores!

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