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Duroply’s Call to Innovate, Connect, and Thrive

Duroply Advised Distributors To Adopt Diverse Sales Channels, Embrace Technology And Build Partnerships.

Mr. Akhilesh Chitlangia

Duroply Advised Distributors To Adopt Diverse Sales Channels, Embrace Technology And Build Partnerships.

New Delhi, January 16, 2024: Duroply, India’s most experienced among the leading plywood companies, has applauded the critical role played by distributors in the interior category. Speaking at a recent industry event, Duroply’s Executive Director, and Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Akhilesh Chitlangia expressed deep gratitude for distributors in the expansive growth journey of Duroply and offered some guidance on how to grow their business in the fast-evolving landscape.

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Mr. Akhilesh Chitlangia said, “Distributors play a vital role in the interior industry segment. They understand the customer’s personality and suggest to them plywood, veneer, laminates, and other products that will bring to life customers’ dream homes. It is distributors who educate customers on the importance of buying branded plywood so that the home interiors can last generations.”


In the fast-evolving digital and distribution landscape, Mr. Chitlangia advised distributors to adopt a threefold approach, “Distributors should adopt diverse sales channels, embrace technology, and build partnerships. With the advent of online channels, new distribution modes are evolving and therefore, to continue to grow, existing distributors should adopt diverse sales channels.”

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He exhorted distributors to embrace technology so that they have real-time information on their inventory position and customer preference for products. They can, thus forecast future requirements better. Further, he said that for long term growth, distributors should build relationships with dealers who will get them entry into newer market segments. These strategies are essential for the growth and success of both Duroply and its valued distributors.

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Mr. Chitlangia added, “As India’s one of the most experienced plywood manufacturing companies, Duroply deeply values the contribution of its distribution partners. As the company continues to grow, it looks forward to further strengthening and nurturing these vital relationships, to ensure mutual future growth and excellence.”

DURO, the oldest Indian plywood brand, offers high-quality products and sustainable raw materials. It has launched Duro TV, a YouTube channel for consumers to learn about purchasing plywood. Duroply is India’s first plywood brand to offer a 10-foot range of plywood, boards, doors, and veneers under the brand ‘Duro Plus’. The brand also offers a Lifetime Guarantee on its products and a ‘Duro Advantage – 09 Layers of Protection’ for customer assurance.



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