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Does Paulina Gerzon Have William Syndrome?

We aren’t going to Fact Check the information we found on the Internet regarding her symptoms and current status.

Celebrities often get related to their character as portrayed in television series or movies. Just like Robert Downey, junior will always be Iron Man in the eyes of the audience. In today’s coverage, we will talk about Paulina Gerzon William Syndrome and learn whether she has William Syndrome.

We aren’t going to Fact Check the information we found on the Internet regarding her symptoms and current status. Instead, we will try to uncover the truth as we go along through our coverage.

However, before learning anything about Paulina, let us learn about her past and present. Born on the 27th of January 1995 in New York, USA. Paulina Gerzon Is an American based actress and media celebrity. Her name came into the spotlight after working on popular projects like law and order and others.

Her diverse acting styles have allowed the 26-year-old actress to be featured in more than 25 creations as of 2022. If you want to learn more about the particular actress, you can always click here. Now that we know a little bit about her let us learn more about her William syndrome.


Does Paulina really have Syndrome?

We will debunk the information of Paulina having the Williams syndrome through these facts. In 1999, she was featured in the popular American Television series Law and Order Special Victims Unit. She got a role as the character Alicea in over two episodes of that particular television series.

In that particular television series, her character suffered from a disease named William Syndrome. Williams syndrome is a particular physical disability that is based on genes. A certain effect on genes causes a physical malfunction in one’s body.

In that particular television series, She had to execute her role as the character who had the Williams syndrome. Even though she was young around that age, she killed it with her acting. Even at such a young age, She showed her professionalism and successfully executed her character.

Her acting was so iconic that many fans still think that she has Williams syndrome even to this day. However, through different sources of media and also through her ver Interview. We learned that she is not suffering from William Syndrome at all.

Did Paulina Gerzon William Syndrome damage her teeth?

In the image attached below, you can see that she had deformed teeth due to Williams syndrome. As we already said, Williams syndrome physically affects one’s growth and development. Due to this reason, the patient usually has deformed teeth. However, the death that she used to have during law and order television series as a disabled child was fake. They were plastic-based makeup that she used over her teeth to make sure they looked deformed. Off-camera, You can see that she has an amazing set of teeth.

The deformed teeth have been a prop of that particular television series. However, due to her iconic acting at such a young age, people started referring to her actual teeth as deformed teeth. Even though this certain detail is wrong, you can follow her Instagram to look at her current facial status. She has a beautiful face With a perfect set of teeth, Which she uses to smile.

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