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Embarking on the path of becoming a doctor is no simple feat.

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Why Consider Initiating a Studium?

Several compelling reasons make opening a Studium an attractive option for doctors:

  1. Contribute to the revolution reshaping the medical education system in India.
  2. Ensure a guaranteed enhancement of your current income.
  3. Avail the “Doctor” Package without any required investment on your part.
  4. Establish your own clinic, becoming a trusted and licensed physician within your local community.
  5. Contribute to the creation of better physicians for the future.

The path to becoming a doctor is no walk in the park. Gaining admission to medical school by succeeding in a highly competitive exam is just the beginning. The extensive syllabus covering 19 subjects over approximately 5 years is not the end; instead, it fuels aspirations of becoming a specialist. However, this dream becomes even more challenging, given the overwhelming competition, with over 200,000 doctors vying for NEET-PG in India. The most arduous phase of life commences, where juggling hospital work and exam preparation becomes a demanding task. Simultaneously, the desire to establish your own clinic adds to the complexity.

Here’s a solution for you! Now, you can establish and maintain a steady income from your own clinic while simultaneously preparing for global medical license exams. If you already hold an MBBS degree with a license and a minimum of two years of experience, we assist you in setting up your own clinic!

For USMLE students, MOKSH currently offers online mentoring with a small group of 15 students who have successfully passed the exam. MOKSH Academy has established a substantial pool of these accomplished Step 1 aspirants who are presently providing mentorship to over 650 doctors in India. However, owing to the significant number of students preparing for NEXT in June 2023, we require a doctor to provide mentoring at the Studium to ensure a high ranking in the NEXT 2023 exam.

We are currently in the process of establishing over 300 centers with a distinctive concept under the Studium brand across India, strategically located near every medical school. These centers, operated by local doctors, offer last-mile connectivity with MOKSH Academy students. Each center will be overseen by a medical graduate with a minimum of 2 years of clinical experience, ensuring the provision of high-quality services to medical students!

If you are interested in opening a Studium near your medical college or within your premises, kindly request, and we would be delighted to prioritize its establishment!

Advantages of Studium:

  1. Local Accessibility: Studium centers are strategically located near medical schools, providing easy access for students.
  2. Doctor-Administered: Each Studium is administered by a medical graduate with a minimum of 2 years of clinical experience, ensuring expertise in medical education.
  3. Last Mile Connectivity: Studium centers offer last-mile connectivity with MOKSH Academy, facilitating seamless support and guidance for medical students.
  4. Quality Services: The local doctors at Studium centers are committed to delivering high-quality services, enhancing the overall learning experience for medical students.
  5. Unique Concept: Studium introduces a unique concept in medical education support, focusing on personalized mentorship and guidance.
  6. Wide Network: With plans to set up 300+ centers across India, Studium aims to establish a widespread network for medical students.
  7. Proximity to Medical Colleges: Being located near medical colleges ensures convenience for students, fostering a supportive learning environment.
  8. Priority Opening: Interested individuals can request the opening of a Studium near their medical college, with a commitment to prioritize such requests.

The Studium Experience:

Embarking on the journey with Studium offers a unique and enriching life for medical students. From personalized mentorship to last-mile connectivity with MOKSH Academy, Studium centers become integral to the academic and professional growth of aspiring doctors. Operated by local doctors with a minimum of 2 years of clinical experience, each Studium ensures quality services and a supportive environment. With a commitment to opening 300+ centers across India, Studium aims to redefine the medical education support system, providing accessible and expert guidance to students at every step of their educational journey.

Application of Studium:

Studium serves as a vital resource for medical students, offering a range of benefits and services:

  1. Learning Support: Studium provides academic support through personalized mentorship, catering to the unique needs of medical students.
  2. Guidance Hub: It acts as a guidance hub, connecting students with MOKSH Academy and ensuring seamless support in their educational journey.
  3. Local Presence: With strategically located centers near medical schools, Studium ensures local accessibility for students.

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