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Disposable Regular and Specialty Layers Underwear.

Disposable Underwear

Are you staying in hospital, pregnant, in your post-delivery days, dealing with incontinence, going through periods, or have an outing plan but are scared about stains and leaks from your regular panties? Well, don’t worry, we understand your problem and to save you from every embarrassment and inconvenience.

In this article, we will talk about disposable specially designed regular and layered underwear to help you deal with incontinence and other discharge issues.

What are these specially designed Underwear?

This specially designed underwear are primarily intended to absorb all kinds of body fluids like heavy perspiration, urine, period blood, virginal fluids, etc. In a study of 3000 women of random ages varying from 30-45 years, 21.8% (656/3000) women were incontinent, therefore, it is clear that incontinence is a very common issue, yet taken lightly. These special underwear can absorbed unwanted leaks with their inbuilt pad, Brief line, Panty Liner, or liners with leak guards. As per another studies conducted, washable or reusable underwear can still carry bacteria and infections even after thorough wash, this increases the chances of getting infected and re-infected, To avoid this, one should go with single-use options specially in case one is prone to infections or allergies.

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Benefits of Prowee™ Disposable Underwear?

There are various benefits of wearing disposable regular or layered absorbent panties instead of thick and bulky washable ones. Some of those benefits are given below:

1- Primary Hospital Wear: Remember your last visit to the hospital where they gave you a complete set of clothing except intimate wear? What did you do then? Wore your regular wear and brought the infectious disease back with you or wore heavy and uncomfortable pads or diaper? Well, whatever it may have been, now you don’t have to repeat that as our disposable underwear are available for all kinds of needs and you can just dispose of them after use so, no harmful bacteria’s are brought back with you or your attendant.

2- As good as your regular brief or panty: This underwear is made of soft material and has a body-hugging feather fit, feels just like the regular panties, or in many cases, even more, comfortable than the regular ones. They are not bulky, noisy, or have a damp or awkward feel.

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3- Allows freedom of movement: This underwear are flexible, natural, breathable, and comfortable; being made of hydrophilic material and qualify antimicrobial test. Hence, ensuring that they are the best companion for people of all ages.

How to select the Right Absorbent Underwear for you?

To find out what is best suited for you, you need to keep in mind various points and before that, we would suggest visiting Health Innerwear and taking a good look on all the available options so that you can have basic knowledge of all variants and options available for you, such as ones for regular use or ones with a panty liner, inbuilt Brief liner or heavy Liner with spilguards , etc. Some other points to keep in mind while choosing the best absorbent panties for you are as follows:

1. Your Size,

2. Purpose/Need, and

3. Volume or the type of discharge

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We’ve all experienced the agony of feeling constrained by our genitals and it is indeed next-level embarrassment that keeps us back, for this very reason all individuals (whether men or women) must incorporate disposable regular or layered underwear into their daily lives. Every man suffering from incontinence can also opt to wear Prowee’s disposable absorbent Brief with Brief liner™ for hassle-free mobility that is specially tailored for you to meet your daily needs. This is your time to meet the world as you always intended while remaining comfortable and stress-free.

To know more about these Absorbent Disposable Briefs or to buy them in the legit source, you can visit our Website At:- Health Innerwear and marketplace At:- Amazon. In Flipkart and search for Prowee products, be conscious while selecting and not fall for non standard generic items.

Prowee brief and panty designs are registered by Controller General of PATENTS Designs and Trademarks for their unique design.

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