Crafting Narratives: The Art of Storytelling

Auromira Entertainments is considered to be the best for its unique way of representing stories.

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The art of storytelling has evolved over the times, earlier the way of storytelling used to be different and now it has emerged in digital forms. Through different narratives, we are able to organize our ideas and experiences into a coherent and understandable form. It enables us to effectively connect with others, arouse feelings, and convey complicated ideas.

These days, the art of digital storytelling has been used as a significant tool to express the volcano of emotions with emoticons. It has been considered as one main factor to exhibit with a more human touch and mitigate the impersonal nature of digital communication.

There are various forms of Narrative:

  • Descriptive Narrative
  1. A descriptive narrative is one that emphasizes the appearance and texture of the story’s setting, characters, and objects. It aims to achieve complete absorption in the environment of the story.
  2. The two main goals of descriptive storytelling are to provide a sense of setting, of time and location, and to communicate the mood and tone of that time and place. They do this by connecting concepts, details, and imagery.
  • Viewpoint Narrative
  1. This type of narrative tells a story from the perspective of a particular person
  2. This kind of point of view (POV) centers on the narrator’s interpretation of the events of the story. These stories typically focus more on the characters than the storyline. 
  • Historical Narrative:
  1. This narrative can be told from the perspective of a made-up character or it can be told from the perspective of a real historical figure who actually experienced the event. Telling a compelling story without falsifying the facts is essential to a successful historical narrative.
  2. An account of a historical event might be written from the perspective of a fictional character or it can be the account of a genuine person who lived through the event.
  3.  It talks about actual individuals and incidents that took place. The identities of historical tales’ authors and audiences are established through their storytelling.
  • Linear Narrative:
  1. This narrative allows both the reader and author to have a clear start to end direction or point. It has a structure that unfolds in a chronological and sequential order.
  2. Typically, the story is organized in a cause-and-effect manner, with one incident directly influencing the next. Perhaps the most prevalent type of narrative in plays and novels is the linear one.
  • Non-linear Narrative:
  1. This is a technique in storytelling when events are shown out of the story’s logical sequence or chronological order. The sequence of events should not be linear, rather it should hop around.
  2. The Non-linear narrative can also be called an interrupted or disjointed narrative.

In India, there are various agencies that have the power to create a strong narrative for the audience or clients.

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In conclusion, the art of representing different narratives to their audience has emerged a lot with time, but the constant thing that stays still is the way of narrating it to audiences. No matter through in digital form, the legacy of storytelling will continue over the times. And among all the storytelling agencies, Auromira Entertainments is considered to be the best for its unique way of representing stories.

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