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Stop wasting money on unused subscriptions. Cancel your YouTube TV membership now with our easy-to-follow steps and reclaim your budget.

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YouTube TV offers a diverse range of channels and features, but there might be instances where you need to cancel your subscription. Whether it’s a change in your viewing habits or a temporary pause, canceling your YouTube TV subscription is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to guide you through the cancellation procedure:

1. Sign In to Your YouTube TV Account: Begin by signing in to the Google account associated with your YouTube TV subscription. Ensure you use the credentials you used when setting up your subscription.

2. Navigate to Account Settings: Once signed in, locate the account settings. This is typically found by clicking or tapping on your profile picture or account name in the top right corner of the YouTube TV interface. Select “Settings” or a similar option from the dropdown menu.

3. Access Membership Information: Look for the section related to your YouTube TV membership. This is where you’ll find details about your subscription, including options for managing or canceling it.

4. Select “Deactivate Membership” or “Cancel Subscription”: Within the membership settings, you should find an option to deactivate or cancel your membership. Click or tap on this option to initiate the cancellation process.

5. Provide Optional Feedback: YouTube TV might prompt you to provide feedback on your decision to cancel. This step is optional, and you can choose to skip it if you prefer not to share your feedback.

6. Confirm the Cancellation: After selecting to cancel, YouTube TV will likely ask for confirmation. Review the information presented and confirm that you want to proceed with canceling your subscription.

7. Take Note of the Effective Date: Pay attention to the effective date of your cancellation. YouTube TV generally allows continued access to the service until the end of your current billing cycle.

8. Check for a Confirmation Email: Following the cancellation, check your email for a confirmation message from YouTube TV. This email typically confirms the cancellation and provides details about the effective date.

9. Consider Clearing App Cache and Logging Out (Optional): If you want to ensure that your account reflects the cancellation immediately, consider clearing the cache on your YouTube TV app and logging out. While this step is optional, it may help avoid any unintended charges.

10. Contact Support if Needed: If you have questions or encounter any issues during the cancellation process, don’t hesitate to contact YouTube TV support. They can provide assistance and address any concerns you may have.

Important Considerations:

  • Billing and Refunds: YouTube TV typically does not offer refunds for partial billing cycles. Your subscription will remain active until the end of the current billing period.
  • Saved Content: Cancellation does not immediately delete your account. Your account information and preferences are retained, allowing you to reactivate your subscription in the future.
  • Reactivate Anytime: Should you decide to resubscribe, you can do so at any time. Simply log in to your YouTube TV account and follow the steps to reactivate your subscription.

By following these streamlined steps, you can cancel your YouTube TV subscription effortlessly. Always check the latest instructions and policies provided by YouTube TV for the most accurate guidance.

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