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The heart medical procedures are extremely complex. Therefore, choosing the best heart doctor in Delhi for yourself has become increasingly important.

heart doctor in Delhi

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In today’s time, heart disease are one of the major concerns related to health problems. Which is not only affecting the older people but is affecting people of all age groups all over the world. Although some people have heart problems due to genetic and hereditary reasons, and many people have heart problems due to some sedentary lifestyle, external factors like pollution and stress.


1. Physician Recommendation
2. Heart Pain
3. Family History
4. High Total Cholesterol
5. High Blood Pressure

If you need a cardilogy solution in Delhi, then you should consult a heart specialist near you. The heart medical procedures are complex as they are performed on one of the most important organs of our body. Therefore, choosing the best heart doctor in Delhi for yourself has become increasingly important.

What Does a Heart Doctor Do?

A cardiologist, or heart doctor, helps prevent heart disease through screenings and checkups. They treat symptoms of heart conditions or heart diseases. These diseases can include:

1. heart attacks: when blood flow to your heart is blocked;
2. heart disease (or coronary artery disease): when blood vessels that bring nutrients to your heart are blocked;
3. heart failure: when your heart can’t pump blood properly;
4. heart rhythms (or arrythmias): when your heart beats too fast, too slow, or irregularly; and
5. valve problems: when your heart doesn’t open or close properly.


How Long Will It Take to Recover?

The type of surgery you have and your overall health will influence your recovery time. While your surgeon will offer you the most accurate estimate of your recovery time, there are some broad recommendations.

  • Open-heart procedures often necessitate a four to five-day hospital stay. After you’ve been released from the hospital, it normally takes six to eight weeks for your breastbone and chest muscles to heal as you gradually return to your normal daily routine.
  • Less invasive procedures, such as stent installation or ablation, in which aberrant cardiac rhythm tissue is scarred or eliminated, usually only necessitate an overnight hospital stay. Recovery at home for these treatments can take up to a month. Keep in mind that any unforeseen difficulties will lengthen your healing time.

Dr. Sujay Shad is one of the top-ranked cardiologists and heart doctor in Delhi, India and also first cardiac surgeon to successfully perform Heart Transplants in a private hospital in North India. Dr. Sujay Shad holds decades of experience as a heart doctor, Best surgical outcomes, High-end diagnostic and treatment options etc for his patients in his medical career of more than two decades making him one of the best cardiologists in Delhi NCR.

He strives to provide highly personalized and comprehensive cardiac care. Our philosophy of direct doctor-to-patient care at every visit to our clinics has made us one of the most trusted and respected cardiac diagnostic practices in Delhi, India.

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