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Best company for data center migration

Data center migration experts have years of experience in this field and helping companies to migrate from one data center to another
One World Logix is a highly experienced global moving company that focuses on data center migrations. Our expert team has successfully managed many complex migration projects around the world.
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Comprehensive Services

services begins with the crucial discovery phase and extends through meticulous planning, flawless execution, and thorough testing. We are dedicated to meeting all your migration needs with a full suite of services. Our offerings encompass tasks such as detailed data center surveys, precise timeline creation, efficient logistics and technical management, seamless hardware replacement, and a host of additional services tailored to your specific requirements.

Technical Support Every Step of the Way

Our committed team offers technical support throughout each step of the migration process. Whether it’s performing validation tests, organizing documentation, or designing network layouts, we guarantee a smooth and effective migration experience for all our clients.
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Risk Management

We understand the importance of risk management and security during data center migrations. Our team follows best practices to minimize risks, protect data, and ensure the safety of your assets throughout the migration journey
  • Prioritize risk management during data center migrations
  • Follow best practices to minimize risks and protect data
  • Ensure the safety of your assets throughout the migration journey

Success Stories

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One World Logix has a proven track record of successful data center migrations for clients like UTI Assets Management Ltd and Majesco India. Our meticulous planning and execution have led to minimal downtime and seamless transitions for our clients. Majesco Ltd Data Center Migration During a recent collaboration with Majesco Ltd, One World Logix successfully executed the migration of their data center to CtrlS, fulfilling all client specifications with minimal disruption. This comprehensive project encompassed both technical and non-technical migrations, effectively addressing obstacles such as hardware failures and rack alignment discrepancies.

Client Feedback and Testimonials

Our esteemed clients, such as Majesco, have expressed their appreciation for the outstanding teamwork, unwavering support, and relentless dedication exhibited by our team throughout the migration process. The glowing testimonials from our clients serve as a testament to our unwavering dedication to providing unparalleled data center migration services of the highest caliber.
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Get in Touch for Effortless Data Center Migrations

If you’re seeking a trustworthy partner for your data center migration needs, look no further than One World Logix. Reach out to us today at our Mumbai office or explore our services available in various locations worldwide. Let us help you keep your business operations running smoothly with our expert data center migration service.


Data center migration is a crucial process that demands meticulous planning, technical know-how, and flawless execution. By choosing oneworld Logix as your partner, you can ensure a seamless and successful migration that minimizes disruptions and maximizes efficiency. Trust the best in the business for data center migration to keep your business operations secure and running smoothly.
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