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AWWA Valve Manufacturer in USA

ValvesOnly offers premium AWWA Valve to major cities including Orlando, Sacramento, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Ottawa, and Winnipeg.

Valvesonly are premium AWWA Valve Manufacturers in USA. The term “AWWA Valve” refers to a type of valve that adheres to the standards set by the American Water Works Association (AWWA). The AWWA is an organization dedicated to the development and improvement of water-related infrastructure and practices, including the design and manufacturing of valves used in water systems.

AWWA valve are specifically designed to meet the unique requirements and standards set by the AWWA for water distribution and treatment systems. These valves play a crucial role in controlling the flow of water within these systems, ensuring the efficient and reliable operation of water supply networks.

Key features and characteristics of AWWA valves include:

  • Material Specifications: AWWA valves are typically constructed using materials that comply with AWWA standards. These materials are chosen for their durability, corrosion resistance, and suitability for use in potable water systems. Common materials include ductile iron, cast iron, stainless steel, and other materials that meet AWWA specifications.
  • Design Standards: They are designed in accordance with specific AWWA standards, which outline the requirements for dimensions, materials, performance, and testing. These standards ensure consistency and reliability across different manufacturers and help in achieving interoperability within water systems.
  • Types of AWWA Valves: AWWA covers a wide range of valves used in water systems, including but not limited to gate valves, butterfly valves, check valves, and pressure-reducing valves. Each type of valve is designed to perform specific functions within the water distribution and treatment processes.
  • Testing and Certification: These valves undergo rigorous testing procedures to ensure they meet the performance and safety standards set by the organization. Manufacturers must adhere to these testing requirements and obtain AWWA certification for their valves, providing assurance of quality and reliability.
  • Application in Water Systems: They are commonly installed in water treatment plants, pumping stations, reservoirs, and distribution networks. They play a critical role in regulating the flow of water, preventing backflow, and maintaining pressure levels within the system.
  • Operational Considerations: These valves are designed with operational considerations in mind, taking into account factors such as ease of installation, maintenance, and repair. This ensures that water system operators can efficiently manage and maintain the valves throughout their lifecycle.

As AWWA Valve Manufacturers in USA, we provide specialized valves designed and manufactured in accordance with the standards set by the American Water Works Association. These valves play a vital role in ensuring the reliable and safe distribution of water within municipal water systems, contributing to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of water infrastructure.


  • AWWA Check Valve
  • AWWA Butterfly Valve
  • AWWA Gate Valve
  • AWWA Knife Gate Valve


  • Municipal Water Supply and Distribution
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Industrial Water Systems
  • Power Generation
  • Pulp and Paper Industry
  • Chemical Processing Plants
  • Mining and Minerals Industry
  • Oil and Gas Industry


  • Material: Cast Iron, Ductile Iron
  • Class: 150 to 300.
  • Nominal Pressure: PN6 to PN25.
  • Size: 1″ to 72″.
  • Ends: Wafer, Lug, Flanged

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