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Window Treatment Sector 2023

Window Treatment Industry Data Book - Blinds & Shades, Curtains and Shutters Market

Window Treatment Industry Data Book | Forecast 2030

Window Treatment Industry Data Book – Blinds & Shades, Curtains and Shutters Market

Grand View Research’s window treatment industry data book is a collection of market sizing information & forecasts, trade data, pricing intelligence, competitive benchmarking analyses, macro-environmental analyses, and regulatory & technological framework studies. Within the purview of the database, such information is systematically analyzed and provided in the form of outlook reports (1 detailed sectoral outlook report) and summary presentations on individual areas of research.


Access the Global Window Treatment Industry Data Book, 2023 to 2030, compiled with details like market sizing information & forecasts, trade data, pricing intelligence, competitive benchmarking, macro-environmental analyses, and regulatory & technological framework studies


Blinds And Shades Market Report Highlights

  • North America is expected to contribute a majority of the share to hold the largest share of global revenue in 2022. The demand for window blinds and shades for interior spaces in the North American market is booming due to the growing number of smart houses and increasing penetration of smart technologies in households in the U.S. and Canada


  • The shades segment is projected to register the fastest growth during the forecast period. Due to technological developments in the product, shades are becoming more popular. Manufacturers have developed technology such as remote control shades and automatic weather sensor shades, resulting in a surge in demand in recent years


  • During the forecast period, the online segment is expected to grow at the fastest CAGR. The increasing availability of a wide range products of from different brands, free delivery, and
  • seasonal discount on e-commerce platforms are among the major reasons driving the segment



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Curtains Market Report Highlights


Curtains are a traditional way to cover windows, thereby these products are widely popular among consumers looking for economical options. Moreover, the rise of smart homes has led to the integration of advanced technology into everyday items, enhancing convenience and automation. In response, key players in the home automation industry are introducing innovative products like smart curtains and drapes. For instance, in August 2022, Xiaomi launched Xiaomi Mijia Smart Curtain Motor 1S which can be controlled using the Mijia app, and accompanying remote control, with voice command or even a gentle tug to start the motor.


Moreover, consumers are driven by the desire to enhance the overall aesthetics and style of their living spaces. Consumers are opting for curtains that complement their interior design theme, color scheme, and personal taste. The curtains’ appearance, patterns, textures, and fabric choices play a crucial role in meeting consumers’ aesthetic preferences is another factor driving the adoption of curtains among consumers. In addition, consumers value curtains that serve multiple functions. Curtains that offer both privacy and light control, along with other features like thermal insulation or noise reduction, are gaining popularity among consumers.


Shutters Market Report Highlights


Shutters offer a classic and timeless aesthetic appeal to the overall appearance of both interior and exterior spaces, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. Consumers are drawn to the unique and stylish look of shutters, which can complement various architectural styles and interior design themes. The demand for shutters is rising due to their aesthetic appeal and the introduction of innovative products, such as motorized shutters.


Moreover, motorized shutters are gaining popularity among tech-savvy consumers as they are controllable through remote, smartphone, and voice control devices. Consumers who prefer a beachy or colonial look, opt for shutters. Shutters include adjustable slats that allow users to manage the amount of light and privacy while maintaining visibility outside. These features are majorly preferred by individuals who prefer the view from their windows while keeping some privacy. Shutters are available in several materials including fabric, glass, wood, and vinyl.



Competitive Insights


In the market, a mix of established companies and emerging players exists. Several prominent players are strategically capitalizing on the market’s growing trends while expanding their range of services to sustain and increase their market share. For instance:


In January 2023 , Welspun announced a brand licensing arrangement for the EMEA market with the Walt Disney Company. Welspun will have the ability to create, develop, produce, and market a whole line of home textile items using Disney’s numerous franchises and characters from the Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Lucas brands.


In February 2022 , Springs Window Fashions acquired the assets of NuLEDs to strengthen its position in the Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) shade market. The intellectual property of NuLED presents a unique opportunity for Mecho in an automated shade system.

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