What is the importance of ICT?

The full meaning of ICT is Information and Communication Technology.

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The full meaning of ICT is Information and Communication Technology. In the past people  used to write letters and so many things to send their thoughts to another person. It was so time hungry and also they have to be so patient when sending or receiving their letter or application. If someone wants to say something to his friend or family who is living far away then they have to write a letter using pen or pencil  and then he has to go to the post office to send the letter. It takes too much time to receive the letter to the receiver. But at present you don’t have to do something like this. The help of ICT we have mobile phones, computers, and many other things. These things  made our life easier and faster.ICT is improving our life day by day. Today we don’t have to wait too much longer to send a letter to another person. We can just write and send our thoughts to another person in just a few seconds. All we have to do is just write our thoughts and click the send button.  


The improvement of ICT:

After the innovation of ICT we got many things like Radio, Television, Mobile phone, Telephone, Gyrophone etc.  In those days people used radios to get or know the news about their countries or any type of news. The size of the radios are too big and spacious.If we talk about television, we use antennas to watch news or entertainment  shows. But the signal of the antennas wasn’t good enough for clarity and the quality of the pictures were  worse. It can be barely seen. We can say the quality of the pictures was barely understandable. Then if we look at computers then we can see a huge difference between past and present. In the past , the size of a computer was like a big room. But at present the size of a computer is 1 or 2 meters. A mobile is a computer. We can say a mini computer which can be held by our small hands. On the mobile phone we can play games, use radios, listen to songs, watch movies and many other things. We don’t have to carry the radio, television or computer individually. We can easily carry and access these from any place to another place. It is handy and comfortable and a time saver for our life. Mobile phones are the most important innovation in the world. We can talk with our friends and family in just a second.  The whole world is connected to the internet and using mobile phones and the internet we can be connected to any other peoples from  any corner in this world. 



Let’s talk about the internet. It’s like a net where all our computers and mobiles are connected. Without the internet we can’t connect to other peoples. We use social media, websites, etc by using the internet. The Internet is the greatest invention of ICT.  Because, by the help of the internet the satellite and other spacecraft are controlled and we know how important satellites are. All we can say is that without the internet we wouldn’t be able to use our computers or mobiles. We will lose our connection to other peoples and the things we need in our life. ICT and internet are dependent on both. Without ICT the internet can’t be run and without the internet ICT will be gone forever. 


ICT in agriculture:

It was too hard to farm crops for the farmers. To farm corps spade and their hands were used to prepare their land and it was too hard. It also takes too much time. Nowadays farmers are advanced to use many machines to farm crops like, they are using tractors to prepare their land instead of using spades. And the tractor saves too much time. It needs only a few hours to prepare a high distance of land. But using spades in the past was too hard and also time hungry. Also farmers are also using corps preparer machines to prepare their corps faster than in the past.


ICT in education:

ICT has a great impact in our educational system. Today we have multimedia classes, practical  labs, and computer labs in our education institutions. Students are getting lessons even if they are at home or school by video conference or any educational classes.Students can send their homeworks via email  or any other services. ICT has revolutionized education, breaking down traditional barriers and providing access to learning resources beyond the confines of physical classrooms.


ICT in health care:

Today we have many ways to get health advice or any type of health solution. If any one is suffering from  any disease  then he can get help from  any online healthcare  platform or calling a doctor. We can call an ambulance at any time. It doesn’t matter what time it is, even day or night does not matter. It’s all happening because of ICT. Today medicals have many digital machines  for any type of sickness or disease. In the past it wasn’t that easy to get any help or solution for any type of disease. ICT has a deep impact on our medical science and health care.


ICT in government:

In the election we can give our votes to our own choices  by EVM machine. You just need to select  your choice and press enter. The new voting system is very useful and safe. By  this everyone gets their voting rights. We can see the banks are using money counter machines. None of the workers don’t need to count money by hand. 


In the article I talked about the importance of ICT. It has more importance. But I couldn’t write those things. But we can say ICT is the most important Subject in the world.

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