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What Is Bigo Live? The Most Popular Live-Stream Apps

Bigo Live is a well-known live-streaming app. These are the reasons why Bigo Live emerged as the most popular live-streaming app worldwide!
What Is Bigo Live? How Is It Popular Among Other Live-Stream Apps

Bigo Live has emerged as one of the most popular live-streaming applications worldwide, allowing users to broadcast themselves and interact with viewers in real time. 

Launched in March 2016 by Singapore-based BIGO Technology, it quickly gained traction, particularly in Southeast Asia, and has since expanded its user base globally. 

The platform enables users to share their talents, daily lives, and moments through live videos, creating a vibrant community of broadcasters and viewers.

Advantages Over Other Live Streaming Applications

Bigo Live distinguishes itself from competitors through several key advantages. Firstly, its user-friendly interface makes it accessible to a wide range of users, from beginners to seasoned streamers. 

Unlike some platforms that cater primarily to gaming or professional content, Bigo Live encourages diverse content creation, including singing, dancing, gaming, and lifestyle broadcasts. This versatility attracts a diverse audience, fostering a dynamic community.

Another significant advantage is its robust monetization options. Bigo Live allows broadcasters to earn money through virtual gifts from viewers. 

These gifts purchased through the app’s currency system, can be converted into real income for streamers. This financial incentive has attracted many content creators to the platform, leading to a proliferation of high-quality broadcasts.

Features of Bigo Live

Bigo Live offers a plethora of features designed to enhance the streaming experience for both broadcasters and viewers. One standout feature is the ability to live stream in high definition, ensuring clear and crisp video quality even on mobile devices.

This is crucial for maintaining viewer engagement, as poor video quality can deter audiences.

Additionally, Bigo Live incorporates real-time interaction tools such as live comments and virtual gifts. 

Viewers can engage directly with broadcasters by sending comments or purchasing virtual gifts like “diamonds” or “beans” These gifts not only enhance the viewer’s interaction but also serve as a form of appreciation for broadcasters.

Moreover, the app supports multi-guest live streams, enabling collaborative broadcasts where multiple users can participate simultaneously. 

This feature is particularly popular among influencers and celebrities who wish to host panel discussions or joint performances with other creators.

Gift Prices on Bigo Live

One of the unique aspects of Bigo Live is its virtual gifting system, where viewers can purchase gifts using in-app currency. 

The prices of these gifts vary, with options ranging from small tokens of appreciation to lavish gifts for special occasions. The most common form of virtual currency used for gifting is diamonds.

To support their favorite broadcasters, viewers can top up diamonds through various payment methods available within the app. 

This process, known as “top up diamond Bigo,” allows users to purchase diamonds in exchange for real money. The cost per diamond may vary based on the user’s region and the promotional offers available at the time.


In conclusion, Bigo Live stands out in the competitive landscape of live-streaming applications due to its user-friendly interface, diverse content options, and robust monetization features. 

By facilitating real-time interaction between broadcasters and viewers through virtual gifts and live comments, Bigo Live has created a vibrant community of content creators and audiences worldwide.

Whether you are an aspiring broadcaster looking to share your talents or a viewer seeking engaging live content, Bigo Live offers a platform that caters to a wide range of interests. 

Its continuous innovation in features and commitment to user engagement ensure that it remains a top choice for live-streaming enthusiasts globally. Explore Bigo Live today to discover a world of live entertainment and interactive experiences.

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