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Top 05 Destinations in India to Plan a Dream Wedding

This article will help you explore the most enchanting destination wedding locations in India.

Wow, it’s amazing to hear that India has so many gorgeous destinations for a dreamy and memorable wedding ceremony. I can imagine why Destination Weddings in India have become popular and sought-after.

India has something for everyone to offer, whether you prefer the beach, mountains, palaces, or forts.

That’s why destination weddings in India have become so frequent and sought-after. So, whether you are fond of the palaces or the beaches, the forts, or the mountains, India has all of it to make your wedding ceremony a memorable event.

I’m sure many people would be delighted to know about some of India’s excellent locations for a Destination Wedding. So, here is a list of 5 wonderful sites to plan a Destination Wedding in India.


Top 05 Destination Wedding Locations in India

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

It sounds like an Indian destination wedding can transport you to a whole new world, away from the rush and bustle of the mainland, enveloped by white sand beaches and stunning private resorts.

The Andaman Islands, located in the Bay of Bengal, offer just that – a waterside paradise with idyllic beaches and lush green forests.

Among the many islands, Havelock and Ross Islands are considered to be some of the best places to have a perfect wedding ceremony. They are truly precious and gorgeous.


Udaipur – For That Pretty Wedding Destination

The Royal city of Rajasthan sounds like an amazing destination for weddings! It’s no surprise that it hosts thousands of weddings every year.

Udaipur is a trendy spot, with its beautiful resorts, monuments, royal hotels, forts, and historical havelis. What I love about Udaipur is the many wedding options, from high-end luxury platforms to those that work within a more humble budget.

And the scenery is just breathtaking! Udaipur has something to offer whether you’re looking to exchange vows across a lake, under the stars, inside a fort, or in the middle of the water. It’s a place to believe for anyone looking to have a special and unique wedding.

If you are looking forward to planning a destination wedding in Udaipur, you can hire a team of wedding photographers in Delhi who can help you capture those precious moments.


In Dreamy and Romantic Agra

What a stunning idea it would be to get married in front of the Taj Mahal, the ultimate character of true love. It’s a fantasy come true for many couples who want to start their lives together in such a stunning place.

Having the Taj Mahal as the location of your marriage not only makes it an awesome ideological but also to strange choice for destination weddings.

I’ve heard that there are several lodges and hotels in Agra that offer dazzling views of the Taj Mahal, which makes Agra one of the best destination wedding places in India.

If you’re wondering when the best time to have a wedding in Agra is, so I advise planning it between November to March as the temperature is really pleasant during this time.

It’s the perfect way to start your journey of love amidst the beauty and magnificence of the Taj Mahal.


Scenic Sunset Pheras in Kerala

Kerala is a beautiful destination for those who want to acquire out from the hustle and bustle of city life and have a quiet wedding amongst. wildlife.

The towering coconut trees, lovely beaches, and dramatic backwaters make for a perfect setting for your special day.

If you’re interested in a traditional Kerala-style wedding, this is also possible here. Wedding planners in Kerala can help you arrange everything from your site to your wedding theme, according to your affections and budget.

While the weather in Kerala is delightful throughout the year, the duration between September and March is considered the best time for a destination wedding in Kerala.


A Beach-Themed Goa Wedding

When it comes to planning a wedding in India, Goa is one of the most popular destinations for couples who want a stunning outdoor wedding on the coast with the sun setting in the background.

You can plan to book a luxurious five-star hotel or opt for a more rural setting on one of Goa’s dramatic sands. If you prefer a more standard platform, you can also plan your wedding in one of the antique churches in Goa.

It’s important to note that the peak season in Goa is from November to February, while the monsoon season ranges from June to September. All you should know the right tips to plan a destination wedding to experience a hassle-free wedding experience.

Therefore, the best time for a destination wedding in Goa would be late September to late October when the temperature is likeable and the gatherings are smaller.



India offers a wide range of breathtaking wedding destinations for couples seeking an unforgettable wedding experience.

Whether it’s the serene beaches of Goa, the royal charm of Udaipur, the cultural richness of Jaipur, or the picturesque landscapes of Kerala, India caters to diverse preferences and promises an unforgettable celebration of love.

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