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SAMCO Flexi Cap Fund – Returns, Allocation, & Insights

The SAMCO Flexi Cap Fund is a mutual fund scheme offered by SAMCO Mutual Fund.

The SAMCO Flexi Cap Fund is a mutual fund scheme offered by SAMCO Mutual Fund. It aims to provide investors with long-term capital appreciation by investing in a diversified portfolio of equity and equity-related assets across market capitalizations. It also has the flexibility to invest in companies of any size, be it large-cap, mid-cap, or small-cap, based on the fund manager’s view of their potential to offer the best risk-adjusted returns. This flexibility allows the fund to adapt to changing market conditions and opportunities.

Exploring SAMCO Flexi Cap Fund

Here are some key features to clearly understand this flexi cap fund.

  1. Diversification

By investing across different sectors and market capitalizations, the fund aims to reduce risk while attempting to capture growth from various segments of the economy.

  1. Active Management

The fund is actively managed by Nirali Bhansali and Dhawal Ghanshyam Dhanani. These fund managers make investment decisions based on research and analysis to select stocks that have the potential to generate high returns.

  1. Investment Strategy

The fund’s investment strategy involves analyzing companies based on their fundamentals, growth potential, valuations, and other factors to build a portfolio that is positioned to benefit from long-term growth trends.

  1. Risk and Return Profile

SAMCO Flexi Cap fund has a variable risk profile depending on its current allocations. While it has the potential to offer higher returns by investing in small and mid-cap stocks, it also carries higher risk compared to purely large-cap funds.

  1. Suitability

This Flexi fund is suitable for investors looking for dynamic exposure to equities across market caps or willing to tolerate market volatility for the potential of higher returns over the long term.

Performance Analysis Of The Fund

The SAMCO Flexi Cap Fund has shown notable performance from its inception in February 2022 up to 2024. The fund is managed by SAMCO Asset Management Pvt Ltd, with an AUM of ₹796.02 Crores. As of February 2024, the fund’s NAV stands at ₹11.97. The fund delivered a 1-year return of 28.4% and an overall return of 9.3% since its inception. This indicates a positive trend in the fund’s performance over the two years. The fund has managed to achieve a 6-month Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 13.9% which indicates its ability to generate substantial returns in a relatively short period.

As of January 2024, SAMCO Flexi Fund shows a 3-month return of 9.19%, a 6-month return of 15.73%, and an impressive 1-year return of 31.02%. These figures highlight the fund’s successful strategy and its ability to navigate the market effectively by delivering strong returns to its investors.

Portfolio & Asset Allocation

The SAMCO Flexi Cap Fund has a diversified asset allocation strategy that invests across various sectors and companies of different market capitalizations. As of January 2024, the allocation is as follows:

  • Technology: 30.11% of the fund’s assets are invested in the technology sector which shows a significant emphasis on technology companies.
  • Services: This sector accounted for 13.66% of the fund’s portfolio which indicates a focus on companies that provide various services.
  • Financial: Financial services firms represent 13.25% of the investment. They highlight the banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) sector.
  • Healthcare: With an 11.10% allocation, the fund invested in the healthcare sector including pharmaceuticals, healthcare services, and related industries.
  • Consumer Staples: 9.29% of the fund’s assets are allocated to consumer staples. This shows the focus on companies that produce goods consumers are unwilling or unable to cut out of their budgets.
  • Others: 22.59% of the assets are spread across various other sectors.

The fund’s top holdings include major investments in companies like Coforge Ltd. (9.15%), Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. (8.03%), JB Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (6.68%), and Computer Age Management Services Ltd. (6.35%), among others. This indicates a strategic blend of investments in technology, pharmaceuticals, and service-oriented companies, among others, to achieve growth and manage risk.

Such a diversified asset allocation strategy is designed to balance risk and return by investing in a mix of sectors and companies with varying market capitalizations. It allows the fund to capture growth in booming sectors while also providing stability through investments in established, large-cap companies.

Final Words

The SAMCO Flexi Cap Fund demonstrates a balanced approach for capturing growth across the different market capitalizations. The fund is diversified across various sectors and has significant holdings in technology, services, financial, and healthcare sectors. From 2022 to 2024, the fund has shown commendable performance by offering investors substantial returns. For those seeking long-term capital appreciation with the flexibility to invest across market caps, the SAMCO Flexi Cap Fund presents a compelling option.

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