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Pumping Systems Industry 2024-2030

Pumps Industry Data Book - Centrifugal Pump and Positive Displacement Pump Market

Pumps Industry | Forecast 2030

Pumps Industry Data Book – Centrifugal Pump and Positive Displacement Pump Market

Grand View Research’s pumps sector database is a collection of market sizing information & forecasts, trade data, pricing intelligence, competitive benchmarking analyses, macro-environmental analyses, and regulatory & technological framework studies. Within the purview of the database, such information is systematically analyzed and provided in the form of outlook report and summary presentations on individual areas of research.

The economic value generated by the pumps market was estimated at approximately USD 57.7 billion in 2023.


Access the Global Pumps Industry Data Book, 2024 to 2030, compiled with details like market sizing information & forecasts, trade data, pricing intelligence, competitive benchmarking, macro-environmental analyses, and regulatory & technological framework studies


Centrifugal Pump Market Report Highlights

  • The single-stage segment accounted for 62.8% of the global revenue share in 2022.The single-stage centrifugal pump is most frequently used in sewage, slurry, and industrial pumping. For applications with low to moderate dynamic heads, the single-stage centrifugal pump is also preferred


  • The market for mixed flow pumps is anticipated to grow as a result of advantages such as high low rates with low-pressure requirements, improved discharge rates with relatively low head velocities, and the flexibility to be adjusted to work effectively and efficiently with little aerodynamic loss


  • Fluids that are combustible, violent, aggressive, or abrasive are easily handled by axial flow pumps. Automobile, manufacturing, and construction are just a few of the end-use sectors that employ chemicals. The expansion of the aforementioned sectors of the economy will probably increase demand for different chemicals, which will affect how widely axial flow pumps are used for chemical handling


  • Asia Pacific accounted for around 47.2% of the global revenue share in 2022. The improving economic conditions, rising population, and the presence of one of the biggest manufacturing sectors are projected to impact regional growth positively


  • In November 2022, In Kotka, Sulzer constructed a highly automated and digitalized pump production line. To ensure optimal production, digital and lean ideas have been included in the automated facilities’ architecture to enable quick and efficient operations


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Positive Displacement Pumps Market Report Highlights


  • The rotary-type segment led the market and accounted for a 56.6% share of the global market share in 2023. Rotary pumps, such as gear and screw pumps, excel in providing a continuous and smooth fluid flow, making them ideal for processes requiring constant, non-pulsating delivery. Their ability to handle a wide range of viscosities, from thin liquids to highly viscous substances, positions them as essential components in industries, such as oil & gas, chemical processing, and food production


  • Reciprocating type segment is expected to witness a CAGR of 5.1% from 2024 to 2030. Reciprocating pumps, characterized by their piston or diaphragm-driven motion, offer precise fluid control and high-pressure capabilities, making them crucial in industries, such as oil & gas, petrochemicals, and water treatment. These pumps are favored for applications requiring high-pressure delivery, such as hydraulic systems and well-injection processes in oil extraction


  • Oil & gas end-use segment led the market and accounted for a share of 26.0% in 2023. These pumps are commonly used in the oil & gas industry for transferring fluids with varying viscosities, such as crude oil and drilling mud. Furthermore, these are effective in handling abrasive and shear-sensitive materials encountered in drilling and exploration processes


  • Chemical end-use segment is expected to witness a CAGR of 6.0% from 2024 to 2030. Positive displacement pumps are crucial in handling viscous fluids and fluids with varying viscosities, making them versatile solutions for pumping polymers, resins, and other specialty chemicals. Their robust design enhances their durability & efficiency, making them indispensable components in the safe & precise handling of chemicals across the chemical industry


  • Asia Pacific region is expected to witness a CAGR of 5.7% from 2024 to 2030. Increasing demand for energy, coupled with ongoing oil & gas exploration activities in countries like China and India, requires the product usage for processes, such as crude oil transfer, well stimulation, and enhanced oil recovery.


Competitive Insights


The global pumps market is highly competitive owing to the presence of both multinational and local manufacturers. Some of the key players include Grundfos Holding A/S; Xylem; Flowserve Corporation; ITT INC.; Sulzer Ltd.; EBARA International Corporation; Ingersoll Rand; KSB SE & Co. KGaA; and Pentair. Other notable players include Iwaki America Inc.; HERMETIC-Pumpen GmbH; Vaughan Company Inc.; and SPX Flow.

  • In August 2023, EBARA Pumps announced the inauguration of a new branch, EBARA Pumps Europe S.p.A. Nordic (EPEN), located in Sweden.


  • In May 2023, Xylem, Inc. launched a global pump manufacturing site in Egypt. This plant will provide industry-leading water solutions to Egypt, North Africa and across Africa


  • In March 2023, KSB completed the acquisition of Bharat Pumps, a prominent producer of centrifugal pumps and various other products. The responsibility for managing this recent addition will fall under KSB SupremeServ, a specialized division within KSB focused on providing aftermarket services. KSB SupremeServ will oversee the spare parts operations and servicing of more than 5,000 BP&CL products that are currently in use across a wide range of industries and locations throughout India.


  • In February 2023, CPC Pumps International has extended its product range by launching its first-ever BB5 pump. The development of the BB5 opens opportunities in the more extreme high-pressure side of the business.


  • In August 2022, Grundfos has entered into an agreement to acquire Mechanical Equipment Company, Inc. (MECO). This acquisition will further expand Grundfos’ water treatment capabilities and strengthening Grundfos’ position as a provider of water treatment solutions
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