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Power of Integrating ERP System with MarTech

Discover the power of integrating ERP with MarTech to revolutionize your marketing strategies.

Tech marketing, or MarTech, technology and marketing basically working hand in hand still disrupted the regular marketing techniques till date. MarTech tools from Google AdWords to MailChimp have unlocked the marketing process hence increasing the efficacy and efficiency of the campaigns. The generation of its own data together with the utilization of data from other sources causes the connection of ERP System with MarTech as a suitable and essential business approach for the companies that are willing to enhance their performances and grow. 


Now, in this article, let us have a glance at the reasons which can help you understand why you should integrate ERP and MarTech.


1. Put the Specificity back into ERP 

 Integrating MarTech with ERP enables companies to have precise digital tools to solve some of the marketing issues that conventional ERP has not frequently covered in an ideal manner. However, ERP systems can be considered a reliable environment that ensures the functioning of the key activities: Produce specialized specific marketing information requirements that are not available in other functional areas such as the finance, HR, and supply management but they do not offer the special features required for the modern marketing environment. Some of the framework business tools that can be used include the Salesforce for leads management and Optimizely for A/B testing can be used to enhance the functionality of the ERP system and spur the entire company’s decision making through the power of analytics. 



 2. Connect and Interact with your Consumers Efficiently 

Many small and medium business activities such as email marketing and social media response are made easier by MarTech tools, as it automates them to allow organizations engage customers effectively. Using the social networking marketing tools like HootSuite, Buffer, Adobe Spark, and AgoraPulse systems linked with the ERP systems, makes it easy to dialogue with the customers, concerning updates on shipment offers, promotions, or even new product releases. Moreover, this integration not only enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty but also it augments brand sustainability as it addresses numerous users on various channels and has a reciprocate interaction with them. 




3. Act according to Specific Idea 

 One of the sides of the business is the front-end that includes, for example, marketing and sales, or MarTech, which deals with understanding consumers’ preferences, gathering market data, and utilizing consumer-focused marketing strategies. Thus, when the integration of an ERP system strengthens other MarTech tools, a business can receive triggered data on targeted marketing. Similar to this, integrating a discount tool such as Shopify with the ERP systems will result in automatic promo messages broadcasting that is inventory-based; consequently, will help to boost up the sales strategies and overall profitability at its best. Also, tools like SEMRush or Leadlander can provide the required competitive intelligence information, thus, its clients know the exact marketing strategies and remain leaders.


4. Improve and personalized to fit the consumer needs and wants 

ERP integration with MarTech helps to plan and create a more suitable experience for prospective customers by the organization. Thus, based on the data from the ERP systems, for instance, the historical data on the customers and the preferences of the customers, MarTech programs can categorize the audiences properly and then market their products and services according to the particular segment and need of the specific segment. For example, while using emails, it is possible to segment it according to previous purchases or browsing history; thus, enhancing the chances of a conversion. Moreover, when integrated with the ERP, CRM system enables customers’ data to be taken to the central location where they act as a single point of view of the entire company to launch more targeted and efficient communication.  



ERP with MarTech helps management to add an additional technique of the most suitable use of its software in strategic positions of the business world. Therefore, with the sophisticated support of ERP systems, and the analytic distinctiveness, and automatism of MarTech, firms can develop a more adaptive and efficient marketing solution, and amplify customer interaction growth, and as a result, expansion. The realization that technology is rapidly improving means that organizations that desire to remain competitive in the growing digital ecosystem will need to adopt ERP and MarTech due to the need to integrate. By adopting and utilizing data marketing, and creating a consumers’ segmented experience, businesses can always remain ready to tackle ever-changing market conditions while still achieving better performance as compared to other businesses.


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