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Kelly Hodgkin: Navigating Entrepreneurship

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Kelly Hodgkin’s journey from a company director to an entrepreneur, investor, and business mentor unfolds organically over 17 years. Motivated by a passion for helping entrepreneurs succeed, she shares her experience through networking events and mentorship. Balancing a busy career with family life, Kelly emphasizes organization and prioritization. Her business, KMH Events, thrives on empowering others to achieve their goals. In leadership, she values listening, learning, and fostering innovation in diverse teams. With a focus on lifestyle brands in the UAE, Kelly sees opportunities for new entrants but emphasizes the importance of standing out and connecting with customers. Looking ahead, she envisions growth, evolution, and adaptability for herself and her company, offering clients personal experience, passion, and honest advice. Kelly’s parting advice to viewers: Never take no for an answer.

Evolution of a Visionary

We started the interview by asking, “Kelly, can you share the story of your transition from a company director to an entrepreneur, investor, and now a business mentor? What motivated you to diversify your career in this way?”

Kelly Hodgkin replied, “The process happened quite naturally over time. I started my first business in events and promotions 17 years ago and as that grew my network expanded, opening up new opportunities to invest in different businesses. I have always been passionate about helping other entrepreneurs succeed, and I started hosting motivational networking events. A lot of people who came to the events asked if I offered individual mentoring, so I decided to become a business mentor because I knew I could use my experience to help others navigate entrepreneurship and achieve their business goals.”

Strategic Vision

The Worlds Times: What are your goals and why did you start KMH Events?

Kelly Hodgkin replied, “My main goals are to continue growing my own businesses and support the teams behind my investments. Also, to reach more people with my networking events, business retreats and mentoring sessions. I love the variety of what I do and I want to keep expanding in these areas.

The Power of Business Mentorship

The Worlds Times: What do you feel is the biggest strength of KMH Events right now?

Kelly Hodgkin replied, “I would say my Business Mentor sessions as helping other people achieve their goals is so important to me. The feedback I get from clients is really positive and it’s amazing to see other incredible business owners put their plans into action.”

Navigating the Maze with Fueling Success Stories

The Worlds Times: What have been some of the most significant challenges you’ve faced while managing multiple roles across different industries, and how have you overcome them?

Kelly Hodgkin replied, “I would say my biggest challenge has been balancing my businesses with a busy home life and four children. Thankfully, I am a natural planner. I overcome it by being super organised, scheduling everything in detail, including my me-time.”

Then we asked, “You are passionate about empowering business owners. Can you share a memorable experience where you significantly impacted an entrepreneur or a startup’s journey?”

Kelly Hodgkin replied, “Honestly just seeing any of my clients come to me with an idea and watch them grow and succeed is really rewarding. My best clients come with an idea and six months later are building a successful business – what a feeling to be part of that journey.”

Mastering the Juggling Act

The Worlds Times: Balancing a busy career with being a mum to three boys must require exceptional organizational skills. Can you share your strategies for maintaining this balance and ensuring quality family time?

Kelly Hodgkin replied, “Plan, prioritize and prepare.

Fostering Creativity and Collaboration

The Worlds Times: Leading a diverse team, especially in creative industries like fashion and media, can be challenging. What leadership qualities do you think are essential for fostering innovation and teamwork? vision?

Kelly Hodgkin replied, “Listening is a huge part of effective leadership and being open to other people’s ideas. I also believe that we are always learning and that means learning from your team who all has valuable knowledge to share.”

Navigating the UAE Lifestyle Market

The Worlds Times: Given your experience in growing lifestyle brands in the UAE, what unique opportunities and challenges does this market present to new entrants?

Kelly Hodgkin replied, “There is so much opportunity out there for new entrants. I am excited for anyone who is entering the sector. But I would say that just because the opportunities are there doesn’t make it easy and success is never guaranteed. You need to focus on communicating your USPs and making an effort to stand out. Building a story behind your brand is also really important to connect with your customers.”

Vision for the Future

The Worlds Times: How do you see the company changing in two years, and how do you see yourself creating that change?

Kelly Hodgkin replied, “Growth and evolution are key. I will always keep an open mind, listening to my clients to see what they need, and adapting what we offer.”

We further asked, “What benefits are your clients getting from “KELLYHODGKIN” in this competitive world?”

Kelly Hodgkin replied, “Personal experience, passion and honest advice.”

Kelly Hodgkin’s Final Thoughts

Lastly we asked, “Would you like to say anything else to our viewers?”

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt and make sure I stand by, it’s never to take no for an answer.Kelly Hodgkin concluded

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