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A dummy air ticket is a type of flight reservation or flight itinerary. It has include a live PNR that can be checked on airline website.It is often used for various purposes, such as visa applications, immigration / proof of return,  passport renewal, rent a car, travel planning, or as a temporary proof of travel plans.

When applying for a visa to visit a foreign country, immigration authorities may require applicants to provide proof of their intent to leave the country after their visit. In such cases, a dummy air ticket can be useful because it shows a fictitious flight booking that indicates the traveler’s intention to return to their home country or depart from the destination country.

Additionally, some people use dummy air tickets for travel planning and to estimate potential travel costs without actually committing to a flight booking. They create these mock itineraries to get an idea of flight schedules and prices before making a final decision on their travel plans.

Traveling to a foreign country is a dream for many. Especially if it is a first-time overseas trip, the excitement knows no bounds! But when it comes to the actual visa application process, all the enthusiasm goes down the drain. The lengthy, confusing and tiresome documentation can put off the idea of going abroad in the first place. Amongst the countless documentation, flight itinerary and hotel booking for visa application can be most daunting.
While seasoned international fliers may be aware, but for first timers all the paperwork can become an overwhelming task. Many people misunderstand the document requirements and end up buying the actual flight tickets and hotel reservations thinking that it will guarantee them a thumbs up from the embassy for their visa.
No embassy wants you to buy the actual tickets and make actual hotel reservations and risk all your hard-earned money. The embassy actually wants you to submit a valid yet affordable alternative. This article aims to make you aware about your pocket-friendly and safe alternatives which can make your visa application process a lot easier.
So, let’s get into it!

What is a Hotel Booking for Visa Application?
Along with the flight itinerary, the embassy also asks for “the proof of accommodation” as part of the document submission. This can be confusing but actually is an easy feat to book. A hotel booking or reservation is nothing but a hotel room kept aside for you until you arrive. This can be done by paying a nominal fee to the hotel which confirms that the room is allotted to you for a specified time period. In case you cannot find a hotel that reserves for a small amount, then the next best option is to book the cheapest hotel room available in the city you are traveling to. This ensures that you avoid any risks of losing your money in case your visa application gets rejected.

Much similar to the flight itinerary, the purpose of such a document is to gauge the length of the visit and the authenticity of the address of the hotel/accommodation as listed by you. Hotel booking for visa application can also be known as Dummy Hotel Booking, Dummy Hotel reservation/confirmation across the internet. Any of the aforementioned names can be used interchangeably but, this document must contain the following details:
•    Name and Surname of the person travelling
•    The full address of the hotel
•    Contact details of the hotel such as phone number, fax, email ID, etc
•    The dates for which the hotel room has been reserved


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