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Cost to build custom enterprise mobile app for iOS?

Enterprise mobile apps provide businesses with an advantage in connecting with the masses.
Cost To Develop A Custom Enterprise Mobile App

But how to build a custom enterprise app, and what is the cost to develop an enterprise mobile app? We will discuss all these concerns with detailed and proper research.

Why You Should Build an Enterprise Mobile App for iOS

Enterprise mobile apps enable your team to stay connected through mobile phones. It helps to engage with the team members quickly and carry out the project smoothly. It also enables the team to manage the project processes in a secure environment. 

There are many more benefits of an enterprise mobile app, which are explained in detail below. 

Real-Time Analytics 

Many users are connected to an enterprise app and need to access real-time insights. An enterprise mobile app helps them get real-time analytics without a fractional delay. This plays a major role in making the right decisions in real-time. 

Security Concerns 

A custom enterprise mobile app has many features that can create a secure working environment. Features like end-to-end encryption and 2-factor authentication make your workplace more safe and more secure. 

Data Sharing 

Data sharing becomes easier with enterprise mobile apps. You can choose to share your data with concerned employees or clients easily. Your customers will be able to access the real-time progress of their projects.

Increases Efficiency 

Enterprise mobile apps enable smoother communication between the team members and the clients. Various calendar reminders can help them to stay in the loop with the work schedule. 

Cutting Edge Technology 

The latest technologies play a major role in enhancing the functionalities of your app. For example, users can navigate through a smooth interface using AR/VR. Similarly, technologies like AI & ML chatbots can help you address the user’s concerns without human involvement. 

Cost to Develop Enterprise Mobile App For iOS

An enterprise iOS mobile app usually costs around $30,000 to $300,000. Depending upon the key factors, as shown below, there might be variations in the development cost. 

An iOS app development company uses these factors to decide the pricing of enterprise apps:

Cost of Developing Enterprise Mobile App Based on Complexity

Design is one of the key factors that decide the app development cost. A simple design might cost you much less than a complex design. A simple design consists of standard elements which are easy to implement. A complex design is a customized design solution that adds extra effort and, thus, additional cost. 

  • Simple App Designs: $40,000 – $60,000
  • Moderate App Designs: $60,000 – $100,000
  • Complex App Designs: $100,000 – $300,000


Every app has its features. Based on your business requirements, you may require an advanced feature or an added security, which can decide your cost. The more features you add, the better solutions you will get, which will come with better pricing. 

It is challenging to decode the app pricing based on features. But you can calculate that in terms of hourly rates. 

Average Hourly Rates of Professionals Involved in iOS App Development 

  • Project Manager: $60- $150
  • Front End Developer: $50 – $140
  • Back End Developer: $60 – $160
  • UI/UX Designer: $40 – $120
  • QA Testing: $60 – $120 


Every industry requires a different function to perform. For example, an eCommerce industry requires advanced use of analytics, which is done using Shopify. On the other hand, the education industry requires a learning management system (LMS) to be integrated into their software. 

Similarly, a marketing agency might require a lead-gen feature, CRMs, etc. This shows that every industry requires a different feature to run their business smoothly. 


Enterprise mobile apps provide businesses with an advantage to connect with the masses. A large number of people are using iOS, which brings a great opportunity for business. Companies can now manage their operations more smoothly with an enterprise mobile app. 

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