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Common Reasons People File Lawsuits

In India, filing a lawsuit is a common way for individuals and businesses to resolve disputes, protect their rights, and seek justice.

In India, filing a lawsuit is a common way for individuals and businesses to resolve disputes, protect their rights, and seek justice. Understanding the typical reasons people file lawsuits can help you determine when it might be appropriate to take legal action. This article, written on behalf of LawChef, will explore some of the most common reasons people file lawsuits and how you can hire lawyers online to assist you.

Breach of Contract

What is a Breach of Contract?

A breach of contract occurs when one party fails to fulfill its obligations under an agreement. This is one of the most common reasons for civil lawsuits.


  • A contractor fails to complete a building project as agreed.
  • A supplier does not deliver goods on time or as specified.
  • A service provider fails to meet the terms of a service agreement.

Legal Action

Individuals or businesses affected by a breach of contract can hire lawyers online in India to help draft and file a lawsuit seeking damages or specific performance.

Personal Injury

What is Personal Injury?

Personal injury lawsuits arise when someone is harmed due to another person’s negligence or intentional actions.


  • Car accidents.
  • Slip and fall incidents.
  • Medical malpractice.

Legal Action

Victims of personal injury can seek compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Online lawyer consultation services in Delhi can provide expert guidance on how to proceed with a personal injury lawsuit.

Property Disputes

What are Property Disputes?

Property disputes involve disagreements over the ownership, use, or boundaries of real estate.


  • Boundary disputes between neighbors.
  • Landlord-tenant conflicts.
  • Disputes over property inheritance.

Legal Action

Property disputes often require the expertise of a lawyer to navigate complex property laws. Legal consultation online in Delhi can help you understand your rights and the best course of action.

Divorce and Family Matters

What are Divorce and Family Matters?

These lawsuits pertain to the legal dissolution of marriage and related issues such as child custody, alimony, and division of assets.


  • Filing for divorce.
  • Seeking child custody or support.
  • Disputes over alimony payments.

Legal Action

Family law cases can be emotionally challenging and legally complex. Hiring a lawyer online can provide the necessary support and representation to handle these sensitive matters.

Consumer Protection

What is Consumer Protection?

Consumer protection lawsuits address issues where consumers are harmed by defective products, false advertising, or unfair business practices.


  • Filing a lawsuit against a company for selling defective products.
  • Seeking compensation for damages caused by misleading advertisements.
  • Taking action against fraudulent business practices.

Legal Action

Consumers can hire lawyers online in India to help file lawsuits against companies that violate consumer protection laws, ensuring their rights are safeguarded.

Employment Disputes

What are Employment Disputes?

Employment disputes involve conflicts between employers and employees regarding issues such as wrongful termination, workplace discrimination, and wage disputes.


  • Filing a lawsuit for wrongful termination.
  • Seeking damages for workplace harassment or discrimination.
  • Pursuing unpaid wages or overtime pay.

Legal Action

Employees facing unfair treatment at work can seek online lawyer consultation services in Delhi to understand their rights and initiate legal proceedings if necessary.

Intellectual Property Infringement

What is Intellectual Property Infringement?

Intellectual property infringement occurs when someone uses another person’s intellectual property without permission.


  • Copyright infringement.
  • Trademark infringement.
  • Patent infringement.

Legal Action

Protecting intellectual property rights is crucial for individuals and businesses. Legal consultation online in Delhi can provide guidance on how to file a lawsuit to protect your intellectual property.


Filing a lawsuit is often the best way to resolve disputes and protect your rights. Understanding the common reasons for filing lawsuits can help you determine when legal action is necessary. LawChef provides comprehensive services to hire lawyers online, offering online lawyer consultation services in Delhi and expert legal consultation online. With the right legal representation, you can navigate the complexities of the legal system and achieve a fair resolution to your dispute.

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