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Best metal options for hidden halo diamond rings

Hidden halo diamond rings are breaking the internet and ruling over social media since the past one year.

Suddenly we see a growing number of women buying them as celebrities and social media influencers can’t get enough of flaunting the hidden halo on their fingers.Despite its popularity, some people are still confused about a hidden halo ring.

So what exactly is a hidden halo ring?

It is quite similar to an original halo ring, except that, as its name suggests, the halo here isn’t very prominent. The ring sports a large centre diamond of any shape. This stone is lifted up by a circular arrangement of smaller diamonds beneath it. It gives an appearance of rising up the centre stone. The entire design can only be seen if you look close enough. From a distance, or in a single glance, you will only be able to notice the larger diamond; which is basically the idea behind the design. The hidden stones are simply meant to flatter it.

Metal options for the hidden halo diamond rings
One of the main reason behind the popularity of hidden halo engagement rings is that it looks good with any metal. The arrangement and design of the ring and diamonds is such that it does not look tacky no matter which metal you choose to put on the band. This gives a variety of options for customising your ring making customers really happy. Given the huge choice of options for metals to use in the ring, getting overwhelmed is natural. To make things easy, we have here a list of the most popularly used metal options for the hidden halo ring.

  • Platinum

Platinum is the first choice to use with hidden halo rings. The colour and texture compliment the diamonds in such a way that it gives a very classy and rich look to the ring. Platinum is expensive and so are diamonds, so you might have to go a little out of budget on this one, but it looks absolutely stunning as a combination. We often see celebrities donning platinum diamond rings and we can’t help gazing at how pretty their hands look then.

  • Gold

The next common option is gold. Gold with diamonds creates a beautiful contrast of colours. The white of the diamonds shines even brighter on the golden background, making the stones stand out and literally scream for attention. A golden hidden halo ring has a very royal and traditional kind of look to it. It makes the ring very eye-catching indeed. Gold as a metal is good for health, proven scientifically. So maybe you could consider going for this option.

  • White/Rose gold

White gold, rose gold are other varieties of the traditional yellow gold. Rose gold is among the favourites of a lot of women as the light pinkish tint it adds to the ring makes it appear very unique and more precious than it already it. The array of smaller diamonds is also noticed well on white or rose gold metal.

  • Mixed metals

You can also choose to mix metals such as gold and platinum or even gold and silver if you wish you have an exotic looking custom-made ring for yourself.
The options for customization in the hidden halo rings are endless. As you can pair it with any metal and any shape of diamonds, the vast variety is appealing and definitely one of the main reasons why this ring is gaining popularity over such a short span of time. If you want to find out more options, visit the most popular diamond jewellery hub, like engagement ring London to check out their collection.

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