Australia Day Cruise Celebrations

Celebrate Australia Day in style on Sydney Showboat cruises. Enjoy festivities, delicious dining, and spectacular views.

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Australia Day, also the nation’s official holiday, commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove in 1788. The massive historic event that laid the foundation for the nation we all know today. Hence, it holds a special place in the hearts of Australians, bringing an important sense of belonging towards the rich Aussie culture. While Australians celebrate this day in various ways, one of the most unique and stylish methods is by setting sail on Australia Day harbour cruises in Sydney


So why choose a cruise on Australia Day?

Choosing a cruise for the celebration isn’t just random – it has a wholesome connection to Australia’s beautiful maritime history vibes. When the First Fleet rolled into town, it was like turning the page to a whole new chapter for the country. And guess what? The best way to give props to that awesome history is by jumping on board a ship, especially one as epic as the Sydney Showboat. What better way to honour this legacy? This authentic paddle wheeler, with its theatre-style layout and restaurant-style dining setup, provides the perfect ambience for a patriotic celebration.


All About Sydney Showboat Cruises!

When you talk about Australia Day cruises, the Sydney Showboat is the ultimate pick! Wonder why Sydney Showboat stands out as an iconic choice? The cruise departs from King Street Wharf and right from the start, the whole vibe is just next level. A three-hour cruise and you don’t know what to expect? You have air-conditioned vibes, total luxury infrastructure, and an experience that’s like no other. The Showboat totally gets what we’re all about – living our best life.  With an ardent commitment to offering a unique experience, this cruise ensures that passengers are treated with utmost luxury and comfort. As we said, the cruise comes with a theatre-style layout for all pompous celebrations, making it a standout choice for those seeking an unforgettable Australia Day celebration.


The Activities You Get to See Outside!

Sydney Harbour becomes this massive party zone with crazy cool stuff happening everywhere, and guess what? The Showboat is like the VIP seating cabin to see it all up close. You’ve got the wild and colourful Ferrython, and the RAAF Hornets Fly Over is legit mind-blowing. You can wholeheartedly chill on the cruise and munch on some delicious dinner prepared by the onboard chefs. And guess what? With some amazing bottomless drinks, too! It’s like a foodie’s dream. But here’s the kicker – while you’re stuffing your face, you’re also right in the middle of all the action on the harbour. This means you are just not having dinner, but you’re part of the party. The vibes are insane as you soak in the awesomeness of the Ferrython and other activities. Australia Day on the Showboat is basically living your best life while the harbour turns into the coolest playground ever. And we bet you might not have imagined this level of awesomeness before you boarded the cruise, or did you?


The Fireworks and the Mesmerising Night!

As the sun sets, the celebration on the Sydney Showboat continues with the Australia Day dinner cruise. Passengers are treated to a spectacular night filled with dazzling city skyline views, a vibrant cabaret show titled ‘Voyage of Love,’ which is like the highlight of this Showboat cruise, and, of course, the breathtaking fireworks. With a 3-course seated and served dinner, reserved tables with waiter service, and complimentary wine, sparkling, and soft drinks, this cruise ensures a night of luxury and entertainment!


By combining the rich maritime history with modern-day luxury, the Sydney showboat cruises provide an experience that is both patriotic and unforgettable. So, come aboard, wave your flag, and celebrate Australia Day in style on the iconic Sydney Harbour!.

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