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Are Wheel Spacers Safe For Your Vehicle?

There is a heated debate about using wheel spacers in vehicles, with many wondering if they are safe to use.
Wheel Spacers

There is a heated debate about using wheel spacers in vehicles, with many wondering if they are safe to use. If you are planning to install wheel spacers then you check out our various collections of wheel spacers.

We have all types of wheel spears and we get a lot of enquiries regarding Chrysler wheel spacers. We also offer different types of wheels one of which is popular are alloy wheels UK.

So how safe are wheel spencers for your vehicle? Will they affect your vehicle suspension geometry or affect handling control?

There are two thoughts of the group, one says wheel spacers are useful and safe, and others state that they are unsafe and should not be used in vehicles. So, the question is which group of people are right.

To understand these we have shared the pros and cons of using wheel spacers which will helpful for you to understand whether to install wheel spacers or not. Continue reading if you want to know more about are wheel spacers are good or not.

What are Wheel Spacers?

Wheel spacers are also known as wheel adapters which help to create extra wheel track width. These spacers are fitted the itself and the wheel hub assembly to increase the space. Each wheel gets displaced outward by a distance equal to the spacer’s thickness.

There are various types of wheel spacers and each comes with various thicknesses, diameters and bolt patterns, making it possible for almost every consumer to get a suited set of wheel spacers for their vehicles.

What are Wheel Spacers Used for? 

As we mentioned before, the wheel spacers are used to increase space between the hub assembly and the wheel of your vehicle. It is recommended that there is an appropriate gap between the wheel and inner parts such as the wheel well.

If the wheel is close to the wheel well then it will lower the driving performance, especially when you take a turn and the tyre rubs against the suspension parts.

It is commonly used in vehicles that have wider tyres during custom installation, where the tyres are larger than the stock tyres that come with the vehicle. Installing wheel spacers helps to improve vehicle handling and offer better traction on roads.

Pros of Using Wheel Spacers in Your Vehicle

Improved Vehicle Handling 

One of the major reasons for installing wheel spacers is improved handling. Most racers install wheel spacers in their cars to enhance the grip and traction on tracks or roads.

When you install spacers it will increase the wheelbase of the vehicle for improved handling, especially when you are turning or cornering on roads. It is possible because the wheels have a lot more space between the inner components.

It is also used to improve the stability of your vehicle. Vehicles which have high centres of gravity such as SUVs and trucks use wheel space to improve stability to prevent rolling. Spacers move the tyres outwards, causing an equal distribution of weight on each wheel of the vehicle.

Offer Unique Aesthetic Appeal

If want to give your vehicle a muscular look or look bigger compared to its regular size then install wheel spacers. It is an inexpensive way to give your vehicle a unique and aggressive look. Wheel spacers cause the tyres outwards to make them align with the fenders of your vehicle.

Adjust the Offset Rims

If you bought your favourite rims but later know that they are not the correct size for your wheel, then you can use wheel spacers that will resolve your issue.

If your vehicle rim constantly hits with suspension control arms, you can use the correct wheel spaces to fix these issues.

Cons of Using Wheel Spacers in Your Vehicle

While there are various benefits of wheel spacers, choosing incorrect rim spacers can damage your vehicle and even sometimes cause accidents. There are some drawbacks to installing wheel spacers incorrectly or choosing the wrong size of space including

Affecting Steering and Suspension Characteristics

Wheel spacers may increase the track width, and the vehicle’s scrub and inner fender well clearance also increase. This leads to heavy steering and requires more effort to move the steering when making turns at low speeds.

Increased Component Wear

The engineers researched and tested the vehicle wheel-end components to ensure optimal service from the factory. However, if the rim spacers are installed improperly it may disbalance the geometry of your wheel components. For example, when wheels are pushed from the suspension may decrease driving performance.

When widening the wheelbase of your vehicle, it may cause pressure on the components such as hubs, axles and bearings, which increases the chances of wear.

Are Wheel Spacers Safe to Use?

There is no one answer to this question, it depends on the personal preference of the vehicle owner. However, if install wheel spacers from an expert fitter and you drive your vehicle appropriately, you may enjoy the benefits of wheel spacers.

On the other hand, if the wheel spacers are fitted incorrectly or you don’t have a clear reason for using them, it may cause more harm than good to use these spacers.


Wheel spacers have various benefits but you need to make sure they are fitted correctly and don’t hamper the other wheel components. If you made a plan to get yourself wheel spacers then don’t go too far. We offer different types of wheel spacers and we often get Chrysler wheel spacers inquiries. We also offer different types of alloy wheels UK, ranging from premium to budget options.

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