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ACCA course in Ahmedabad

The ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) course in Ahmedabad offers a globally recognized qualification

Ahmedabad, the capital city of Gujarat is also the 7th largest city and 8th populous city in India with good infrastructure. The Textile and chemical industries always played a major role in the growth of the region. But now days Many foreign investors take a steady interest in Ahmedabad because of the State-of-the-art infrastructure and a policy-driven, business-friendly environment. When you visit Ahmedabad you won’t just see a range of textile and chemical industries but also Big MNCs,s like Ernst & Young, Deloitte, Capgemini, Accenture, Infosys and more. Needless to say, with the expanding economy, IT companies also play a major role in many ways. With the expanding economy and business structure, financial experts like ACCA demand is ever increasing. Many companies hire ACCA professionals to manage their Finance, Accounts and Analysis Functions, at attractive salary packages. There are a lot of institutes that are providing ACCA Course in Ahmedabad.

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Before talking about good institutes in Ahmedabad, We know you have a lot of questions regarding ACCA course like:

What is ACCA?

Where to Start?

ACCA Institute in Ahmedabad?

HOLD ON Guys I’m here to solve all your Doubts You just have to read it in its entirety

What is ACCA?

ACCA stands for Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, which is an accounting body based in the United Kingdom. ACCA offers the Chartered Certified Accountant designation and acts as the regulatory body for all the Chartered Certified Accountants. The ACCA course trains the candidate in all aspects of accounting, including Financial Accounting and Management Accounting. ACCA has 233,000+ members and 536,000+ students across 180 countries.

When can you start your ACCA Journey?

You can start your ACCA journey along with your Class 11th and 12th Commerce and Secure your degree along with Graduation.

If you are doing graduation/master in Commerce fields like,, MBA etc. or pursuing a chartered accountancy course or you are a chartered accountant then you also get some Exemptions (Check your exact exemptions click here: Exemption Calculator) and become an ACCA Professional in a very short period of time.

There are a total of 13 Exams which are divided into 3 levels

ACCA Knowledge Level

ACCA Skill Level

ACCA Professional Level


To know more in Details:

During ACCA you will learn topics such as Financial Reporting, IFRS, Auditing, International Taxation, Valuation and other related subjects. As an ACCA you can work in various industries and diverse job roles that give you a tremendous height in your career.

Scope of ACCA

Over the past few years, ACCA job opportunities have increased exponentially Worldwide. With the growth of more and more MNCs and Big 4 companies, there has been a steep rise in jobs for ACCA professionals around the Globe.

Likewise, as more students are becoming aware of ACCA and its benefits, the demand for the certification exam has increased in the industry.

With such an influx, it is predicted that India could easily become one of the biggest global markets for ACCA. As such, the Indian economy is on the path of growth and globalization. Due to this, even MNCs and larger international companies are turning towards India to seek professional accountants and ace finance experts.

Some Job Roles that ACCA Offers


Internal Auditor

Forensic Accountant

Management Accountant

Chief Financial Officers

Audit and Compliance

Corporate Treasurer

Financial Accountant

Finance Manager

Fund Manager

Tax Specialist and More ….

ACCA Course Fees in Ahmedabad

ACCA Qualification Students Fees:

Initial Registration (One-time Payment Student must Pay to ACCA while registering with them) – £89

Annual subscription (have to pay each year to keep your status active) – £116

Exemption Fees for ACCA Knowledge Level – £86

Exemption Fees for ACCA Skill Level – £114

An exam entry fee must be paid for each exam you enter.

But if you got Registered through Fintram Global you will get FREE ACCA REGISTRATION

ACCA Course Details in Ahmedabad

ACCA is really a Good Professional Course for your Career Height. After ACCA you have the flexibility to work everywhere across World including India. The completion of ACCA could take about 6 months to 2 years. Depending on your current education level and the right Learning Partner you choose, you can fast-track your career and become an ACCA in 6 months.

There are a lot of ACCA Institutes in Ahmedabad but a good coaching institute will not only equip you with industry-specific skills but also offer placement opportunities.

So if you are looking for the ACCA Institute you can indeed look at Fintram Global.

FinTram Global is an organization primarily dedicated to finance learning and related areas & is a training provider for various Global Finance Related Qualifications.

We are Gold Approved ACCA Learning Partner, providing ACCA Courses in India as well as across the Globe. Fintram offers face-to-face and online ACCA courses through video-based lectures along with real-time support and comprehensive ACCA study material. To me, their lecture approach, content and digital support are well known and really stand apart.

Fintram Global is known as the Institute of ACCA in Delhi.

With the help of Fintram Global, you can pursue your Acca course in Ahmedabad also. FinTram believes in learning anytime…anywhere that’s why they provide online coaching globally at very flexible and affordable prices.

Why you Should go with FinTram Global?

Gold Approved ACCA Learning partners

Globally Qualified Faculties

Excellent Quality Video Sessions

Comprehensive Study Material

Revision Boot Camp with Video Question Marathon

Mock Exam with Performance reviews

Unlimited Views with 24*7 Support

Ongoing Placement Assistance

I hope this blog helps you to get information regarding the fast-growing International Qualification ACCA. To know more about ACCA Course you can connect with FinTram anytime.


If you want to talk to an ACCA Expert call on +91-7303457955, +91-8882677955

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