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A Sydney Christmas Cruise Extravaganza for Families!

Bring a twist into your Christmas celebrations by hopping on a Sydney Harbour Christmas Lunch Cruise!
christmas day lunch cruises

The Stage opens to the grand finale of the year. Everyone’s on the lookout for the perfect tree, twinkling lights dangling down midst the spree, jolly carols you can hear with a lot of ecstasy! It’s the time of spirit, soulfulness and a lot of ‘sea-lebration’!!!


Yup, you heard that, right? We are not talking about those boring, old-school, Christmas traditions and rituals at home. We are talking about a brand-new, crazy way to celebrate the seasonal cheer with the whole family. Christmas day Sydney Harbour lunch cruises, it is. Why limit the celebrations to your living room when you can just hop on an extraordinary Christmas adventure? 


A warm, sunny day, the iconic Sydney Harbour as your backdrop and the most fun-filled and pompous Christmas Day celebration! 


Welcome to the Perfect Family-Friendly Christmas Getaway! 

Christmas Day lunch cruises offer an enchanting blend of festivities and breathtaking views. It’s not just having lunch with family, but it’s an experience that will leave your whole group talking about it for years to come. Here’s why opting for a cruise is the ultimate way to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year! 


  1. You will be in awe of Sydney’s Landmarks

We have the Sydney showboats, and as you embark on this, you’ll be wowed to witness Sydney’s world-famous landmarks. The Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, and the city skyline create a picturesque backdrop for your Christmas celebration. Think about it – witnessing the beautiful city skyline, capturing that perfect family photo with these iconic landmarks in the background, while cruising on the Sydney waters. Does it get any cooler? It’s a memory you’ll cherish forever! 


  1. Gourmet Delights for Every Palate 

Let’s talk about the feast awaiting you on board. Sydney Showboat offers you a Christmas deluxe lunch serving – – that is, a special Christmas Banquet Menu custom made exclusively for the lovely guests on this special day! Get ready to dive into a feast fit for kings and queens! We’re talking about seafood galore – a whole platter to drool over freshly prepared by chefs on board – prawns, salmon, and scallops that are gonna make your taste buds do a happy dance. And as for the meat lovers, we’ve got honey-glazed ham, prosciutto, and more! But hold on, the main course is where the magic really happens. Roast turkey with all the trimmings? Um, yes, please! It’s like Christmas dinner goals right there. And just when you thought you could have no more of these delicacies, comes the dessert – we’re talking Christmas pudding, fruit mince pies, Pavlova, and even lamingtons! You will also be served beverages, Australian beers, soft drinks and cold drinks from time to time as refreshments. In short, get ready to set sail on a culinary adventure like no other!


  1. Festive Atmosphere and Entertainment

Imagine you, surrounded by the stunning Sydney views, grooving to the smooth sounds of jazz. Which means a Jazz duo playing Christmas carols. It’s like a small, sassy concert on water. yes! The cruise is more than just a meal; it’s a full-blown Christmas celebration. You will be immersed in a festive atmosphere with a live jazz band on board! You can do your own thing as well, arrange secret santa, and other activities. It’s your platform, you need to do what you normally do with an extraordinary twist! More than a cruise, it’s you as a family, sharing the essence of togetherness! 

Finally, it’s just a hassle-free experience! Say goodbye to the stress of hosting a big Christmas feast at home. With a Christmas Day lunch cruise, everything is taken care of. So, why not switch things up this Christmas and opt for a family-friendly cruise on Sydney Harbour? Your family will thank you for giving them a Christmas to remember!

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